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Coral Bay Wedding!

Hey future b2b's!

Just back from Cyprus, went out with my h2b to view wedding venues and met up with the most amazing wedding planner - Stella from Zaffron weddings. I can wholeheartedly say she is every brides dream come true, this lady is worth her weight in gold, nothing is too much trouble. After the holiday she was more like a friend than my wedding planner.

So getting married at the Coral Bay Beach Hotel July 2012, the venue is gorgeous with the most stunning views. Any other brides getting married here, would love to hear from you and get excited together image


  • MrsSyrett2BMrsSyrett2B Posts: 19

    We are getting married at the Coral Beach Hotel on the 22nd June (6 and a half weeks)!!

    I havent seen the venue in the flesh but from speaking to my wedding planner (i am using Ruth Watson, Paphos Prestige Weddings) and from brochures and the internet i fell in love with the hotel.

    We are having our ceremony in the amphitheatre and then on to the armonia terrace for an evening reception.

  • MrsZ2b2011MrsZ2b2011 Posts: 190
    I get married there on 1st June this year., 2 weeks on wednesday exciting but stressed!!!
  • Wow so exciting, mines seems ages away! Everyone says it will be here before I know it, hope so. I'm having both my ceremony and reception on the Armonia terrace, then once thats finished we're off to Zaffron's for the after party haha!
  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44
    We have just come back from a long weekend and have booked for the coral beach hotel its as beautiful as it looks we are having ours next may 2012, we are doing it all on the Armonia terrace image

    so excitied x
  • Hi lucygid, think I have just mailed you on another topic! So exciting you are getting married at the same place, the armonia terrace is just stunning. I can't wait, just hope the next year flies by!

    Do you know how many guests you have going? We are thinking about 40, but know that may change once the flights get released and people can get booking!

    Have you sent out save the date cards?

    Jenny xx
  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44
    hey jenny

    yeah it seems ive replyed to you on another thread as well lol

    We are looking about 45-50 guests coming over, so quite a few. as for save the date im on that at the mo trying to get prices sorted etc how about you ?

    im assuming your staying in the hotel for your stay as well?

  • Hi lucygid

    Wow that's fab you've got all those guests going, we are hoping for about the same, but until the flights get released it's just all hearsay.

    I'm hoping to sent out save the dates before July, give everyone a years notice, but totally unsure on the wording. Are we supposed to just put the Cyprus wedding date on them, or do you put the evening reception back home date on them too? We dont want to put pressure on anyone to go to Cyprus but at the same time dont want anyone to feel bad that cant go either, aaarrrgh haha!

    Yeah we're defo going to stay at the Coral Beach, all wedding couples (subject to availability) get upgraded too image

    So have you got your bridesmaid dresses, how many are you having and what's your colour scheme? Sorry for all the questions! image

  • betaplatebetaplate Posts: 19
    I'm looking into potential venues in Cyprus at the moment for our wedding next year in 2012. Came across Coral Beach and the venue looks fabulous! We're trying to decide whether to have the ceremony at amphitheatre or armonia terrace. How did you choose between the two? Also, if any of you have any photos of the locations, would be good if you could share.

    Thanks! image
  • betaplatebetaplate Posts: 19
    I'm looking into potential venues in Cyprus at the moment for our wedding next year in 2012. Came across Coral Beach and the venue looks fabulous! We're trying to decide whether to have the ceremony at amphitheatre or armonia terrace. How did you choose between the two? Also, if any of you have any photos of the locations, would be good if you could share.

    Thanks! image
  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44
    hey futuremrswilson

    Were sending our save the date out in the next few weeks but were just putting the date for the cyprus wedding, and we will send out just normal ones for the party back here in the uk.

    yeah i saw that we get an upgrade i hope there is availability image

    as for bridesmaids ive got three big ones, one 6year old and an well she will be 18 months old, quite a few but we have a big family so couldn't really not have them. colour theme is aqua/turquoise blue chiffon style so its nice and cool for them.

    how about you? when are you booking all your flights etc??

  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44
    hi betaplate

    Just to help you out we chose coral beach one for the location it has alot around it plenty of villas for people not wanting to stop in the hotel, it also has the best beaches in cyprus its great for families or couples so caters for all and it does All inclusive which is what we wanted.

    as for which part to get married at the reason we picked the armonia Terrance was because to do it in the other locations you had to pay for both set ups, to have the amphitheatre and reception down there was 1000 euros and to do it all where we are was 500 euros so part of it was that as well, were doing it on a budget so this was a good reason to pick the other area, both areas are just a beautiful its dependant what you want at the end of the day.

    i hope this helps alittle.

  • betaplatebetaplate Posts: 19
    hi lucygid,

    That's really helpful. I didn't realise the extra charge for amphitheatre but now I know. Will certainly look into it. By the way, do you have any photos of the area which you could send me?

  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44
    sorry hun we didnt take any

    the website does show good pics though

  • MrsZ2b2011MrsZ2b2011 Posts: 190
    Hi. I've just got back from my wedding at the Coral Beach and it was amazing. We had the entire thing on the Armonia Terrace and it was just perfect!

    My recommendation is do it all on the terrace its very private and has stunning views.

    The Ampitheatre is off the swimming pool and we had some pictures there and had to walk past the pool to get there.To make your grand entrance down the steps you have to go past the pool so in my eyes I was so pleased we hadnt chose this as our venue.

    If you need any info just PM me x
  • betaplatebetaplate Posts: 19
    Thanks for letting me know. However, I just found out that the venue is already booked up on the days we want to have our wedding. imageimageimage
  • Hi Ladies

    So sorry for late reply's, haven't been on here for a while.

    Betaplate - The reason we chose the Armonia terrace was coz it is so private, really doesn't feel as though you are in a hotel ; and also because the Armonia terrace is covered, we get married in July so will keep us a tad cooler from the blistering heat. I took loads of pics of the terrace from all angles haha and also the stairs which you walk down to get to it. I haven't yet uploaded them onto my pc, but if you PM me your email add I'll send pics no problem ?????? That's such a shame the date you want is taken, luckily we didn't have a date in mind when we booked, hopefully you can agree on another date! After being in Paphos and viewing loads of different hotels, the Coral Beach is by far the best!

    Lucygid - hey, how are you getting on with all you're planning? Have you picked your dress yet? I have 2 possibly 3 bridesmaids, no kiddies though as don't think any of our friends are taking them, but that may change! I really like the cadbury's purple but thinking it may be too dark for a wedding abroad, so my other alternative is fuchsia pink and also like coral (that would be quite appropriate for where we get married hee hee). Aqua/turquoise will be absolutely gorgeous and like the chiffon idea to keep them cool. Not sure on the style I want yet, want to get my dress first then sort the bridesmaid dresses to go with mine ?????? Haven't booked flights yet either (god I sound so disorganised haha), hoping to go with Easyjet, but they haven't released dates yet. Been checking every day, but earliest for next year is still March! What about you,

    have you booked flights or anything yet?

  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44
    hey futuremrswilson

    Ive found my dress so that bits done, ive got to get the bridesmaid together to check sizes but the dresses wont be ordered till dec as one of the girls is losing weight so she has till dec and after that ive got to order.

    As for flights and accommodation i have an agent on the case she coming up with prices at the mo, then once we are happy we will book. i know what you mean about flights not being out yet its abit annoying as we just want to book then thats another bit ticked off.

    As for other bits, my hair dresser is coming with us image so that bits done. we hopefully have a friend we have made an offer in regards to photographer so fingers crossed thats done then the rest is just getting the hubby to b clothes.

    oh and invites are being designed as we speak image so pretty much getting there.

    have you found your dress yet??

  • Hey lucygid

    That's great you have found your dress, how exciting! I went dress shopping again today, still no luck though, really didn't think it would be this hard to choose! Found a bridesmaid dress that I did love though and a colour I had never even thought of, they were dusky pink chiffon and short, gorgeous and would be really cool for the girls in the heat.

    We are hopefully going to sit down tomorrow and try and design our invites image exciting stuff and another thing ticked off!

    Keep me updated with all your planning and hopefully I will be telling you soon I've found the perfect dress!

    Jenny xx
  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44
    Hey futuremrswilson

    well ive ticked another thing off invites are being printed as we speak im really happy with them if you want a great woman its a lady in here that i met and they look ace ihavent got them in my hand yet but the design looks ace and shes very well priced.

    Yesterday we also booked the hotel ive done it though they were £100 cheaper than some of the other so really happy with that so just to book flights now which we are waiting till end of the year to do as then they all should have prices out easy jet etc and they will be cheaper.

    so all coming along, as for the dress not stress i started looking in Jan and must have tried on over 40 and finally found the one it helped after we had been to Cyprus so then i could visualize the setting in the dress if you know what i mean. i started to get quite stressed thinking i wasn't going to find summit as everyone i had spoke to was like yes i tired on 1 dress and that was the one???? i thought mayb i was strange but finally i got there so dont worry you will find it.

    keep me posted with your plans and updates hunny if you want the e-mail of the woman for invites just shout she is brill

  • Hey huni

    That's great your invites are nearly done! I'm also using a girl who met through this forum, wonder if it's the same one..........creative designs? How bizarre if it is, we've definately got the same taste image

    That's great you've got the hotel booked and good to know it was cheaper on hotels4u, thanks for the tip!

    Good to know also that you we're the same as me and took a while to find 'THE' dress, been told that need to order one before end of the year - worst case, so got ages yet and tons more shops to try!

    speak soon xxx
  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44
    hey hunny

    yeah creative designs is the lady image really happy with her. have you got your yet?? i should get mine in the next week so excitied.

    yeah dont worry like i said about the dress you have till about dec you will find one. Mine by the way cant remember if i told you is phil colins jasmine the code is PC0905 take a look.

    anyway keep an eye on the flight and hotel prices as we found they have dropped already for use by £300-£500 so quite abit

    speak soon

  • Ooooh cant believe that we've got same lady for our invites, I'm still waiting on getting mine designed, but can't wait to see them and good to know you are chuffed to bits with yours. Do you have any pics of them you can PM me? Would love to see more of her work, no worries though if you dont want to share tho huni image

    Aww your dress is absolutely stunning, perfect for a wedding in Cyprus. It's too exciting, I can't wait till next year image

    Great news the prices are coming down, let's hope it stays that way!

  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44
    hey hunny

    ive sent you a message i would put them on here but i have no idea how to do that lol image

    yeah i really love my dress i just want it to be all now not next year and the worst bit is i seem to be wishing this year away.

    speak soon

  • Hi, getting married on Thursday on Armonia Terrace...gutted though as they have put two water slides coming off terrace. There is also a playground below terrace and is very noisy! Fingers crossed the screaming kids going down slides won't spoil wedding. The view is ruined!
  • OMG no way, this is news to me!! We're there kids on the slides on your wedding day? I fly out a week on Wednesday, going to get in touch with our wedding planner.

    Hope you had an amazing day and nothing spoiled it!

  • Hi ya,

    I had also heard about the wedding slides but my planner has assured me these are closed off during the ceromony so no noise then. And if you are being married late afternoon or evening, they will then be closed for the reception.

    Please let us know how this all works out at your wedding.

    Future Mrs Wilson.. do you still have the pics of the terrace etc? Would love to see them. I have booked for 2014 so a long way off for me!

    Regards, Teresa
  • hayz_83hayz_83 Posts: 147
    I got married at the coral beach hotel in June 2010 at the amphitheatre. It was beautiful but a scorching day and the ceremony lasted 7 mins. Some guests found the heat extreme. As bride and groom we got to stand under the canopy but everyone else was sat in direct sunlight. My advise would be to bulk up the ceremony with readings if you don't want it to be too short.

    The venue is beautiful. Have a fantastic day x
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