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Help with Nightlife in Paphos??!!!

Hi all

I wondered if anyone could give me some tips on nightlife in Paphos. We are getting married at the Coral Beach Hotel in Paphos 3 weeks on Friday. We would like to continue the party somewhere after the Coral Beach and wondered if anyone could recommend any nice clubs or bars in paphos which are upmarket and that play good music, trying to steer away from the Brits abroad, drinking and karoke type bars.


  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    Coral Bay is quite a way from Paphos, are you intending to provide transport, or do you mean you want somewhere in Coral Bay xx
  • We are hiring a minibus to transport guests to the wedding and then pick up so it can take us anywhere within 30 mins of Coral Bay. Any suggestions would be gratefully received!!
  • lovekittlovekitt Posts: 29
    Paphos is mainly a tourist town - There's the Fashion Cafe 9which is more of a bar) but bear in mind that most places you'll need to book if its a big party - and to do that you need to reserve a table (usually make you buy a bottle of vodka per table) which is about 60 euros for 6 people or so - not including entrance fees! Search for "Time Out Cyprus" you should get some info on the latest bars and clubs!
  • If you want something upmarket I'd steer away from bar street in Paphos near the harbour, where Flairs/Linekars etc are - can't the hotel do a late licence?
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    No that hotel told me I could only have it til 10.30pm also. There are so many places in Paphos.

    What about Zaffrons for an after-party. Stella is a Wedding Planner and her restaurant is a venue we looked at for our wedding, but wasnt quite the 'feel' we wanted, however for an after party it would be a great place. They could do welcome drinks, canapes - I imagine it would be lovely xx
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