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Please HELP - Mens suit hire or High Street purchase????

Hi ladies,

Please can you share your experieinces with me please? We had originally planned to hire all the men's suits for the wedding party, from a hire shop in Belfast. But the price is just shocking for 2 weeks. I am now considering just buying there outfits from the likes of Debenhams or BHS.

What have all you other brides done? I had wanted trailored grey trousers, with white shirt and waist coat.. I'm worried now I am not going to get what we wanted.... image xx


  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    We have bought our suits for H2B, his best man and my brother (who is giving me away) and have gone for silvery grey Paul Smith suits with a white shirt and no tie. They were around £250 each in the sale and are exactly what we were looking for. For the price we paid I think it will be well worth the money as the boys can wear them again and again x.
  • saisbellesaisbelle Posts: 30
    We bought the guys suits too, definitely makes more sense than paying a fortune to hire them! I can't help with stores, as we now live in Australia and so bought them here. It looked like next had some very nice and reasonably priced suits though, they have tails and waistcoats and all. Loads on their website - you should check it out. Good luck.x
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    H2B was going to buy until he noted how expensive the sort he wanted was ...for 6 men... so he is hiring a more expensive suit for all of them at £65 each which seems OK. Mind you Moss Bros were going to charge the earth but he found a nice local shop with better quality suits
  • lovekittlovekitt Posts: 29
    Yeah I agree if you are travelling- its better to buy, maybe just give everyone a colour scheme, and have suits that arent so "fussy" (maybe linen etc) as if its a summer wedding abroad , itll be hot, and they dont usually have victorian style suits/ top hat and tails at these places. Or maybe you can incorporate a demi-theme, ie in tropical colours by having vibrant turquoise hankerchiefs and ties for example, rather than everyone matching exactly! Also what if suitcases get lost on teh way back- how much would you owe on TOP of the suit rental then! image
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