Every bride who is getting married in cyprus between March, April and May 2012 read this!

I know of an amazing opportunity for anyone who has a wedding booked in Cyprus during this time. I've been told if I can get between 10-20 brides involved it can go ahead. If you're interested in something very exciting then drop me an email here and once 10 or more have got in touch I'll pass the news on! Sorry this is so secretive but it's basically an offer that if it gets a minimum number involved it will activate and I for one want the chance to take it up and if I tell everyone you might get might my place!! I think it runs throughout the year so I can pass on info to anyone getting married in other months as that won't affect me!




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    Hi Amanda

    I get married in July 2012 in Paphos?

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    OK OK so I've had several messages in my inbox on this so thought maybe I should give a little more information! I saw an amazing singer at a friend's wedding recently. She performed during the day at the ceremony with a guitarist and then with her full band in the evening and it was THE best wedding I've ever been to because of them!

    Anyway so I'm planning my wedding for spring next year in Cyprus and I told H2B that I wanted this girl and her band at my wedding more than anything else! I spoke to her management company and they explained that the costs for one off events abroad can be very high due to travel and equipment haulage and said it would likely be around £6000!!! I don't know what you ladies have found but I can't find any entertainment in Cyprus that's up to the standard we expect here. It's all cheap DJs and maybe duets or something and I really want my wedding to be one to remember.

    I told their manager this and he basically said that the band would love to do more events abroad and it was only the costs involved that made the price so high rather than the band's fees. He said if they band could come over and do 10 or so events in a month then the cost could be bought down to what they'd charge in the UK for a standard event, around £1500 and this would include all equipment and a disco with lights. He told me that it would probably be the highest quality wedding entertainment on the island that year and no Cyprus based band could match what they offer to UK clients - I'd normally say this guy was a little cocky but in fairness I think he was probably right!

    So, that's where this all comes in, because I asked him would he promise to offer the package at that price if I could find 10 brides around the date I was looking at and he said yes!! So this is now my personal mission and my dad has even agreed to pay for the band if I manage to achieve it! We don't have our date yet but I'm looking around march, april, may and would seriously consider planning it at the band's convenience rather than ours as I just know it would be so amazing!

    So girls, if you know anyone who might also want this type of thing in cyprus next year tell them to get in touch and maybe we can all get together and book the band in one go for a real bargain!

    Amanda xx
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    Hi, I am a May 2012 bride, but that price is way too high for us for a band. We have a singer, we saw him in April. He is good, is also a DJ. He might not be high quality in terms of the UK, but think he will suit our intimate Cypriot wedding. Good luck with finding other brides but £1500 is still a lot xx
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    Thanks Jok, £1500 is what they charge in the UK so this is a real bargain, It's a 5 piece band with a full disco and lighting, They do loads of amazing live music and learn your first dance. It's hard to describe the bridge in quality between what they offer and what I've seen available in Cyprus but I guess for those people who'd be spending over £6000 on their wedding this sort of entertainment would make sense as it covers the entire evening. I'm not really interested in some guy singing Karaoke to be honest but I guess a band like this wouldn't suit a small wedding anyway, I'm planning to have 80+ guests at mine so having maybe a solo singer with backing tracks just wouldn't match the feel of our day. Good luck, hope you have a lovely day xx
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    Just out of interest Jok what are you paying for your singer/DJ? I am interest in how the price compares when comparing the packages offered, I'd assume somewhere around £300? Thanks xx
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    Wow I think that's a lot! I'm not getting married in Cyprus but I was looking at a 7-piece soul/funk/disco band who were going to charge me £990 for the whole afternoon and evening. They are very good, exceptionally professional, and I used to work in entertainment booking so I have seen and hired a few function bands in my time. I'm afraid I couldn't justify spending £1500 on a 5-piece, however much I liked them. good luck finding other people to chip in, though image
  • Amanda2BAmanda2B Posts: 9
    Well flossy it's what they charge and having been told their availability for next year they are clearly popular as they are almost fully booked june, july and august already! I too have looked across the price range from £700 bands to £2500 and cannot find anyone near these guys. My dad and fiance have basically put around £10000 budget on our wedding so to spend 15% on something that I know will be remembered and talked about and basically make our wedding day seems like a no brainer as far as I'm concerned, especially as they will running more than half my wedding day.

    How could that band afford to live if they only earn about £100 each per event - i'm assuming there are expenses costs with that? That sort of price probably suggests they are students or part time musicians and I personally wouldn't place an event as important as my wedding in the hands of anyone but full time professional musicians working through a reputable company. I'm quite surprised in all honesty that people think £1500 is expensive, I've had quotes of £800 for a photographer, that's one guy and a camera!

    Anyway, I'm starting to lose hope based on the posts here, getting this band was the most important thing for me, i've been imaging doing my first dance while that amazing girl sings our favourite song and i'm feeling a bit teary now at the thought i might not be able to make it happen image xx
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    Hi Amanda and fellow posters,

    It was actually me who suggested Amanda try to drum up some interest on here. Seeing her post there is quite upsetting to be honest as we hate to see people miss out on their favourite act. The girl Amanda is referring to is called Cherie Gears and is unbelievably popular here in the UK. I did explain to Amanda that it's certainly not the musicians being greedy but we genuinely can't afford to send acts over to foreign countries without having all expenses paid for.

    Despite the fact the musicians would've been away for at least 3 days we were only charging their standard 1 day gig fee but the costs on top were what would've sent it up to £5-6000 - flights, accommodation, transport, haulage of professional equipment can add up to £3-4k. Understandably too much money for the average wedding, generally only wealthy clients, society weddings etc are able to book this band abroad. Anyway, I'm sorry you haven't had any luck with this Amanda and genuinely hope your wedding goes well.

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    Hi All - I booked a DJ for my wedidng in cyprus, he gave me a special dealimage so it was a bit cheaper but he had lights, smoke machine and professional equipment (and massive collection of music!) I looked into a few and not only was he the best but also the cheapest! The average price in Cyprus is about 600 euros for about 4/5 hours - I paid 450 for basically the whole day and he even threw in a half hour free as my guests didnt want it to end. No one wanted to get off the dancefloor but the venue only allowed us to play music until 12.30!
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    Thank you Sam for posting your reply, sorry I didn't email you personally, but as you can probably tell I've pretty much given up hope now and was still a bit too upset to completely admit defeat and let you know we couldn't go ahead. I do really appreciate the efforts you went to to try to accommodate this and please pass on my thanks to the band as I realise they had agreed to such a good deal as well.

    Lovekitt- thanks for your post. In fairness this is what surprises me, that people are prepared to pay 600e for basically 1 guy to turn up and play some records and yet not pay less than 3 times that for 5 professional musicians to play live music, learn requests and do the disco! No offense but the difference between a wedding DJ and a live band is huge. I know this because I've been to a few weddings and by far the best was when this girl and her band were performing. The party is the most important part of the day, it's when you all relax, the stress is over and you party like crazy. My friend's wedding was truly unforgettable because of this, maybe i'm being a bit competitive but I guess i wanted people to say the same about mine image It's helpful for me to know now that Djs will negotiate as now I won't be getting what I dreamt of on my wedding day I might as well save some money! xx
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    Well best of luck! if I hear of any good bands out here I'll let you know, but to be honest most of them seem to be rock bands only.
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