All- inclusive wedding party


Hope you can help, Im getting married at the Atlantica sun garden hotel in June 2012. It is a all-inclusive hotel and most of my wedding party have booked into this hotel.

When it comes to the wedding reception, does anyone know if I have to pay per head for the food/drink as we are all staying all-inclusive?




  • MrsWeigh2beMrsWeigh2be Posts: 32

    We have to in our hotel. I think you do in most but check with yours. We have decided to have our reception in a local restaurant anyway because we wanted something different for our wedding day. I think it will make it special because we will be eating in hotel for the other 13 nights. To be honest it worked out cheaper to go into a local restaurant than paying for it at the hotel.

    Hope this helps

  • catj0catj0 Posts: 71
    Thanks for your reply.

    What hotel are you staying in?

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