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Tragic wedding turnout!!

@ed off!

We have had our English wedding planned for 2 years but in January we decided to get married in Cyprus as it was costing far too much money and we only had 60 guests to invite but we weren't certain out of those 60 how many would actually go. The venue we had chosen was amazing but would need 60 guests or it would just be odd.

We checked with family before we planned this to make sure the people we wanted to be there would go, a majority of them said they would so we booked and paid.

We get married this August and as it stands including us two there will be six of us!!!!!!!! six!!!!!! bride, groom and both parents!!!

@ed off, angry am I.

I mean how do I tell people now that we are getting married abroad but no one is gong. My fianc???? is embarrassed and upset and we just wish now we could turn round to our parents not to bother going we will just go out there ourselves and do it on the quiet, no one need know about it. We can't do that though as they have booked and paid for it but I wish we could say it, I feel the whole excitement of looking forward to our big day has gone and I just dread it now.

I know it was only six months notice but people did say they would go. It's mainly financial reasons why no one will go but surely they would have known this before they said they would go.

Sorry I am just venting my anger. I just don't know what to do to make our day special.


  • mrsyoff2bmrsyoff2b Posts: 160
    What will make the day special is you getting married to the man you love, not the people who witness it.

    Maybe they said yes without fully thinking it through, or circumstances have changed.

    My friends got married in Cuba and we had a 'non-wedding' before they went in the local social club and it was wonderful... what about a low-cost event either before or after with friends?

    I understand how let down you must be feeling though ((massive hugs))
  • MrsBarrowmanMrsBarrowman Posts: 687
    I know you will feel really let down. It sounds like you also feel embarassed, but you have no reason to be!

    An intimate wedding in Cyprus, will be really beautiful!

    You will have important people around you, and ultimately you will marry the man of your dreams!

    Chin up, and have a good weekend xxx
  • SteampunkbrideSteampunkbride Posts: 1,748
    It's a shame that people seem to say yes or no to a wedding without thinking about it. Maybe some will book closer to the time? It's most likely those who said yes thought it would be a great idea but then looked into the cost or how much time they would need off work.

    On the day you will marry your man with the most important people in the world there.

    Are you worried about what will happen after the ceremony? That there will be no immediate party? You can still all go out and have a meal together, but, I know, it's not the same.

    Please don't let this ruin your day.
  • SuomibrideSuomibride Posts: 216
    Your wedding will be perfect - don't worry. Have a really special wedding dinner after the ceremony and why not have a small party when you get home with the money you've saved from the overseas reception.

    R xx
  • lister0205lister0205 Posts: 102
    hi, where is it that you are getting married?

    A similar thing happened to me and my husband.

    We got married in Protaras and invited probably 60ish people also. Everyone was saying...'oh yes we will definitely be there etc' and we kind of believed that.

    In the end there ended up being 25 of us in total including me and hubby. Other than our parents and my sister, everyone else did book on within the 6 months before.

    I have to agree with you that its so annoying when these people tell you they will book and then don't. However, until the day arrives I don't think any bride fully appreciates how special that day is, no matter who comes. In the end my dad didn't come as he was ill and I was gutted but it still didn't ruin it.

    Your day will be really relaxed and beautiful and you can have a lovely meal afterwards. And maybe others will book on in the next 6mnths.

    Hope it all works out for you.
  • lister0205lister0205 Posts: 102
    sorry just realised you get wed in 3mnths. Can they not egt cheaper last minute deals? I seemed to spend all my spare time on the net lookin for other people! Although I know August is an expensive month.
  • SuomibrideSuomibride Posts: 216
    I'm a wedding planner and have arranged more than 380 weddings - my favourites are the small intimate weddings - it's just so romantic!

  • Me and my hubby got married in New York in December, and due to family issues, and also wanting a small ceremony. In the end it was just us two and our 2 best friends, also a couple who came with us. I was worried initially that it would not seem right and felt weird that it was going to be so small, however on the day it was amazing and i dont think i would have noticed if it had been 2 people or 200, because everything but my hubby was a blur. Another thing is that there was no stress, no worrying if everyone was ok and if people were enjoying themselves, it was all about us. We had a wedding reception when we got home and invited everyone we would have wanted there. Hope this helps at all, but i remember feeling the same, and now i cant think why, it was perfect image
  • Sueboo84Sueboo84 Posts: 87
    I know how you feel, my guest list of 24 to 8 people who were deffo coming, including my H2B parents. People got pregnant (4 girls so 8 people) to the point I even thought they got pregnant just as an "excuse" not to go. Some say money, one is very ill, one past away, school time so can't get time off work (teacher) I even thought did I make the right choice going away, that I went to all of theres and they haven't come to mine....then I thought I dont care. I am not there to marry them, am there to marry my future H2B. I am having a hen do and party when back here but the wedding itself thats something special that is only shared between me and my partner and people that can be i am going to Vegas! I want to have a great time I don't need to or dont want to worry about if there having a good time. I am, and its my wedding so isn't that what counts? That am having a good time, am not spending thousands of pounds for people to judge my dress, my food, my music whatever people nit pick at, there is no wedding out there that would be better than being somewhere I want to be. I get bored of weddings they are the same thing, different day, different location. I am having a wedding they didn't have, yes theres was probably perfect to them but thats not what i want. So dont worry about other people just think this is your wedding and your partner is there, you even said you weren't sure people would come out the 60 of your guests, why "force" people to your wedding to eat free food? honestly hun, dont worry coz am not as me and him will be there. I've been to loads of weddings and the bride and groom have said they are tired they just want to go to bed, but they have to stay coz of guests and make sure they have a good time. I can go back to my room and do whatever i want when I want!! you can't do that at a big wedding xx
  • lovekittlovekitt Posts: 29
    image That completely sucks, but i agree with nearly everything said above 1) its your day, just roll with it and make it cosy and intimate and scr*w those who cant come! 2) Maybe look into cheap deals for those closest to you who you car e baout the most- jet2 and easy jet (plus thompson and thomas cook) all fly into Cyprus (you dont say where the wedding is on the island but you could look into people flying into the north side via turkey). Again for hotels, if money is a really big issue, then find a cheap hotel - theres plenty of 2 star and 3 star ones around (try and also on the cyprus tourist organizatin homepage. Maybe villas or even a cheap lastminute package deal if people have the time off work - but even if people cant come then 3) Have a party back in the Uk - and make sure you are nice and tanned and smiling so they all feel THEY missed out image Think of the money you will save doing it this way, and you get the best of both worlds. I know its horrible and very upsetting and it really stinks! but you know, youll still have a lovely holiday, tan and relaxing time and yes go for a nice meal after, get some expensive champagne and enjoy your special day!
  • Thanks ladies

    I'm feeling better now after reading your comments and having a few days to think about it and you are right it is just about us.

    We are getting married at St Pauls Pillar Church in Paphos and having an initimate/romantic meal back at our hotel (with the parents). I am sure we will have a great time and 2 weeks in Cyprus is just what we need. As soon as I am at the airport I will be much happier about things, I am sure. I just need to think how i'm getting my dress out there lol

    Thanks again xx
  • nicolee93uknicolee93uk Posts: 96
    I think it sounds lovely, very exclusive! If I were you I would tell people that you wanted it that way, just yourselves and your parents! I'm sure you will have a fab day and no worries about Auntie getting drunk or The Best Man copping off with your mate, etc! Have a wonderful day! xx
  • pr1ncess_mummypr1ncess_mummy Posts: 1,676
    Hey hun,

    Really feel for you, we had people drop out too - one being Best Man! But when it came to it - 25 days ago now! - it was an amazing day and even though we only had 21 guests - including us and our 2 children - everyone that matters to us was there!

    Like other's have said an intimate ceremony sounds so romantic and stress-free, not only did I arrange my full wedding (with help from my chief bm!) but I also ended up having to plan a full weeks holiday for everyone and by the end of the week I was SO stressed it was untrue! You should have a really relaxing time pre-wedding, that will be amazing!

    As for getting your dress there, I bought a travel box from Ebay that fit in with the airline hand-luggage dimensions and carried it on with me as hand luggage! For quite a big dress it was suprisingly easy to pack aswell! image

  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    Oh hun - people just don't think do they. We had someone who said they were coming, but may only come to the evening do - ermm no if you're coming, that's great, but if you only want to come to the evening tell us, because I will go mad if I fork out fifty odd quid and you don't show! I know it's not comparative but an example of how things come out of people's mouths that they simply haven't thought through.

    It's such a shame for you, but Cyprus is wonderful and their absence will pale away when surrounded by the beautiful scenery. And if you want someone to fill out the space, me and h2b will be there on honeymoon about the same time as you!! Don't let these idiots ruin your day - the important people will be there and the rest quite honestly don't matter if they can't make the effort. xx

    ETA - I agree about taking the dress as hand luggage - it's what I'd do if we were getting married abroad.
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