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Hi, I have booked my June 2012 wedding in Cyprus through Thomson. It has now been a while and I am still waiting for my wedding date to be confirmed and to recieve my wedding pack.

Has anyone else booked this way and how long did it take until you recieved a date ?

Im now concerned I am not going to get the date we requested as the hotel only does 1 wedding a day and as everyone insists on telling me this is a very popular choice of hotel where I have booked.

Any help appreciated



  • catj0catj0 Posts: 71
    Thanks for your reply, I booked only 3 weeks ago but Im getting very impatient hehehe.

    Did you recieve a wedding pack? Can I ask what you got with this?

    I have also emailed the hotel directly with a wedding date (as it is them that make the final decision) but I was informed by Thomson not to do this and wait for them to sort it out.

  • Elope2011Elope2011 Posts: 385
    I waited 4 months for them to sort out my date from the time I booked it. Even though I wasn't particularly bothered if they couldn't offer the date we chose, we needed to know so that our guests knew when to book for. We had to keep chasing them, and kept getting fobbed off. In the end, we refused to pay the rest of the deposit until they confirmed the date to us. They apparently misplaced our booking forms for a while. Once it was handed over to the planning department in Cyprus, it was all smooth sailing. I just don't rate their wedding department in UK.

    Chase them up.
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