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Help,, Blue Jar Duo Paphos????


I am just wondering whether anyone has used Blue Jar Duo they are a well known violin and guitarist in Paphos.

I enquired with Lesley last year as she also plays the harp, about playing at my wedding i have emailed her numerous times recently and had no replies, so dont know how to contact her or whether her email has changed???


  • dee2ukdee2uk Posts: 635 New bride
    Hi there

    i had emailed them last year and did book them, but my wedding did not go ahead. i seem to remember it was a blueyonder address, does that sound familiar. To be honest, i do remember that she wasnt great at replying, but she does have a great reputation..not sure if that helps?
  • MrsCorbettMrsCorbett Posts: 677

    Aah did you not marry in Cyprus in the end?

    I will have to check as its on my work email, at first she was really good at replyin but last year was a bit soon to book and now i want to i get no replies lol

    thanks you though

  • PaphosKPaphosK Posts: 71
    Here's the contact details I have:

    Phone 00357 96435181

    [email protected]

  • MrsCorbettMrsCorbett Posts: 677
    Hi Jackie

    Thanks for this, really appreciate the details

  • dee2ukdee2uk Posts: 635 New bride
    fingers crossed you get old of er, now that a little star has sent the details! no i didnt get at all image, cancelled the wedding 5 months before..whole other story, but still like coming on here to see if i can help as i did all the planning alone, and besides...great girls on here image xx
  • Hi,

    I am getting married in paphos on 09/09/11 and I have booked Blue Jar to play at my ceremony and reception. Lesley is very busy during August as she has lots of weddings on but she will reply to your emails. I have heard good things about Blue Jar and I wouldn't let the lack of contact put you off. Hope this helps
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