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Aisle of Love packages - price list needed

Hi Girls

I wonder if someone would have the wedding package prices and extra's price list from Kerry @ Aisle of Love. She has sent it me previously but I have misplaced the email and hoping someone out there has it. I have my wedding already booked through her and need to make some decisions about the other bits......thank you xxxxx

My email is [email protected]


  • Beccie1011Beccie1011 Posts: 802

    This might be a bit late now but do you have the price list? I have booked my wedding through her and i have it if you still need it image xxx
  • She's sent it me again. Thanks Beccie1011

    Where are you getting married?

    I'm 17th May 2013 in Protaras image
  • Beccie1011Beccie1011 Posts: 802
    We get married at Nissi Beach 04th June 2013, are you ordering your flowers over there?

    Im thinking of getting some silk artifical ones to take with me, there so expensive over there! xxx
  • Aww not too far apart from each other, Nissi Beach looks lovely. We are getting married at St Elias Gardens @ 4.15.

    I did consider taking my own flowers too, and the one's from Sarah's Florist look fab, but I'm in two minds to have some lilies fresh, which I'd probably do through one of the packages. I'm adding the horse and carriage to the package as well, so exciting.

    How long you been engaged?
  • Beccie1011Beccie1011 Posts: 802
    Aww sounds lovely, id love a horse and cart but were marrying at the Nissi Beach so no need for one lol.

    We got engaged on 08th Dec 2010, how about you?

    Have you thought about transporting everythinh there? This is the thought that is giving me the most grief with baggage allowances and things!! xxx
  • I think i'd worry too much that stuff wounldn't get there!! Plus it'd cost extra for the baggage.....

    We got engaded 17th April 2009 - our 10th year together image

    How did you get your wedding ticker to come up....mine didn't work, might try again lol

  • Gosh my typing is terrible, laptops for you!! I'm a secretary too haha!!
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