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Hello, I am new to this forum but love reading everyone's posts!

My fianc???? and I are going to book our wedding on Saturday, we are going to get married at the Nissi Beach Resort October 2012 and I was just wanting to hear from all brides to be or brides that have had or booked their wedding for here also.

Did you have a good experience? Would you recommend it? Any tips?

Do you have any pic's you could post on here??

We will be booking thru Thomas Cook and getting assigned a wedding co-ordinator, is this how you all did it?

Is it all easy to do when your organising things you want?

Did you have any surprises for the guests? We want to look into hiring a yacht / catamaran or some sort of boat for a few hours after the ceremony for our guests, not sure how to go about that yet though?

Look forward to hearing from everyone image


  • Congratulations! Have you decided on your reception venue? They are all so lovely image

    I have put some pics in our wedding report on this forum.
  • Stokesie5Stokesie5 Posts: 6
    Hi vickylou9,

    Congratulationsimage yay v exciting!

    I am getting married at the Nissi Beach Resort in 8 weeks! EEEKK its all going to fast but i cant wait!

    I booked through Thomas Cook and to be honest i havnt found them great! When i booked it they told me thatwe would need to pay a guest fee for them to come for the day of 55Euros....this is rubbish! I emailed Marios (The wedding coordinator at the hotel...he is fab!) and he has verified 4 times for me that our guests are their guests for the day and not to worry!) Also Thomas cook didnt tell me anything, for example they said my venue was booked etc and wheni needed to pay by, but wheni contacted Marios he said the the Rondavel which i had requested via thomas cook was already booked! I was heart broken and so angry they had to told me i needed to contact Marios right away.(This was over a yr until out wedding day that i contacted marios)

    Luckily enough Marios reassured me that the Pelican venue is still lovely and so i have booked that instead.

    One thing i would say though is that Marios and Christina (I think she is one of the managers of the hotel) have been amazing! Any little detail or question i want to ask they email me back straight away and are lovely and have really helped put my worries at bay!

    How many guests are you having m'luv?

    We have 38 confirmed with another 4 to confirm. Just getting very nervous nowimage

    I would definately reccommend liaising with the hotel directly instead of through Thomas cook...TC have also changed our flights 3 times so far!!image

    Hiring a yacht sound slovely, esp if the sun is settingimage x
  • Hi Vickylou9

    Congratualtions on booking your wedding, good choice with the Nissi Beach hotel. I have also booked to get married there on 17/5/12 at 2pm, I booked the holiday with Thompsons and booked the wedding with Kerry at Aisle of Love who is an independant wedding planner over there. I have also been in contact with Marios at Nissi Beach via email to book the Thalassa Terrace reception venue and get prices lists for food, drinks etc and hes always been very helpful.

    I would suggest looking on tripadvisor at the hotel as a lot of wedding reviews & photos have already been added this year and they are all great i'm on there every few days checking for new reviews as well as being on here.

    Good luck with the planning image
  • Omg.. That is such as shame about the rondavel as it was your original choice stokesie5. I have probably said this before, but all the reception areas are lovely and have special features which make them unique and perfect.

    I can't believe you were told that there was a guest charge by the hotel image they didn't mean the sit down dinner cost did they? If not... imageimageimage shame on them.

    I agree, Marios is super fantastic, if in doubt, he's the man you should contact.

    I have put a few tips in our wedding report, but thinking about it again, don't be put off by having a later ceremony time. It's very hot mid day in a wedding dress. We had our ceremony at 4pm by choice. This meant me and hubby had time to have breakfast together... Sit and chill, walk around the grounds and even grab a very light early lunch before I had to go for hair and make up. Everyone's different, but having this time to ourselves before the wedding was priceless and also helped with the nerves.

    It also meant the wedding flowed without any long breaks of nothing.. Ceremony, photos, drinks and wedding cake, rondavel for BBQ, Greek dancers, 1st dance, dj. I wouldn't try to cram too much in... Or leave huge gaps of nothing either.

    Loving your boat trip idea! X
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