Our Wedding in Cyprus, Paphos 2011

Our wedding at Almyra Hotel was fantastic, we got married on June 2011 and the day was a memorable one. The attention to detail was superb by the hotel, location, setting and the food was the best we had our whole time in Cyprus. A party of 60 family and friends travelled with us and also said it was the best wedding they have ever been to, so for those who are thinking about traveling to get married I would highly recommend it. The hotel at Almyra was beautiful, clean, and spacious and everything I imagined, the Kyma Rooftops were amazing and a superb location for drinks after the wedding ceremony and I have posted a couple of pictures that show you what it was like.

All this would not have been possible or as successful if it wasn't for my wedding planner Mandy from www.cyprusweddingpaphos.co.uk Mandy was a fantastic wedding planner, very pleasant, helpful and instantly from our first email she talked with me for over a year and a half planning and exploring different hotels and ideas in Cyprus for my big day. Mandy was very thorough and totally helped and responded promptly to all my questions and never once complained with all the emails I was sending '3000' to be exact! I would highly recommend Mandy to other brides and grooms thinking of getting married in Cyprus, Mandy had the best attention to detail, and helped to create the exact picture I had in my mind. Prior to the wedding Mandy sent over examples of wedding photos and videos to give us an idea how it all looked so that we could decide on booking our photographer, who was fantastic. Mandy also went above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions as our wedding planner, firstly she arrange all our day trips when we arrived in Cyprus, provided us with good eating places to go as she lived there, and provided all our entertainment for our wedding booking our balloon lady, Cypriot dancers and our DJ for the day. Also more importantly my little boy had taken ill while we were away and was taken into hospital, Mandy was fantastic and picked us up from our hotel and took us to the hospital and continue to phone us to see how he was doing. On the day of our wedding Mandy was around all day and stayed until 10pm that night to ensure everything went according to plan and also really helped look out for our wee boy alongside my mum. Mandy also brought a bag of toys for my little boy to play while he was on holiday which was such a nice gesture.

I would recommend Mandy to anyone thinking of booking their wedding, as I have heard other brides weren't so lucky as me and had wedding planner who refused to speak to them until they arrived in Cyprus and then had to undertake the task of planning their wedding when they arrived.....not appealing at all. With Mandy all our details were arranged prior to our arrival, all we had to do was hand over our documentation and then we were able to enjoy our holiday in the sun and feel excited about the wedding without the added pressure of organising everything when we arrived.

Overall we had a fantastic holiday and wedding in Cyprus. We will return to Cyprus, as will my family, to reminisce our fond memories of Cyprus and our wedding.


  • Is this a touch of personal advertising????
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    Sounds like it to me x
  • shivsershivser Posts: 186
    joined yesterday and posting wedding report today??? looks like personal advertising to me image
  • aliceariesalicearies Posts: 58
    Hi Susandon2,

    Many congrats! I have been to the Almyra a few times so I know it's very beautiful. We would love to see your wedding photos if possible! Thanks a lot!
  • Hello,

    I'm so upset that people would think this is personal advetisement, its such a shame that someone would think that! My wedding was amazing and really the dream day, I posted this information to help other brides get the best from my experience not to be made out dishonest!

    This site is for brides to share their experience not to present pitching opportunities, maybe after your own wedding you'll understand that sometimes things just go wrong and people are there to support you on your big day!

    Take it or leave it!


  • I saw some photos. Susan you looked stunning! Congratulations!
  • Aw thanks Alice, it was a great day, glad you like the photos, Almyra was fabulous such a perfect venue, can't wait to visit again!

    All the best for your big day when it comes, I hope the information I have provided has helped, as I know what's its like to book a wedding abroad and not know what to expect. I actually spent endless hours searching and I rememeber wishing someone had posted reviews of their wedding in the location I had picked.

    Good luck for your big day and take care

    Susan x
  • Jadder32Jadder32 Posts: 1

    After much deliberation and comparing potential venues I am leaning towards the Almyra for my wedding in August 2013. The only problem is that I cannot find any photos for wedding there (only the usual professional pics of the hotel itself). Does anyone know of any sites that have photos or, even better, any yourselves so I could have a look before I make my final decision.

    Much appreciated

    Jade x
  • Did you manage to find any photos hun? xxx

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