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Our Nissi Beach Wedding

Hiya i know im a bit late doing this but i just wanted to assure all you brides out their that your nissi beach wedding will be gorgeous, we got married there on 1st June.

I know everyone likes to see photos (well i do) so heres a link to a few of ours

Hope that works.

We used Kerry from Aisle of Love, Vision Photography and booked the holiday bit ourselves image


  • image love your photos! I actually saw you there before you began your aisle walk, loved your dress... We got married on the 6th.
  • Beautiful photos love your dress. I also get married at Nissi Beach on 17th May 2012 also using Kerry at Aisle of Love and Vision photograpy.

    Did you get your hair & make up done with the salon that Kerry uses? Also love your flowers I was also thinking about Gerberas image
  • TheLegacyofMrsMTheLegacyofMrsM Posts: 2,188 New bride
    Thats a Justin Alexander dress isn't it? I tried that on and LOVED it!! Its so beautiful but so much fun too!

    Lovely pics, looks like you had an amazing day image
  • Beccie1011Beccie1011 Posts: 802
    Im after Gerberas too, did Kerry arrange these for you and how much were they if you dont mind me asking.

    I booked through Kerry for my June 2013 wedding and i love the photographer they use, what photo package did you get? xxxx
  • Aww big congrats !! Your pictures are beautiful and so are you !!

    I am too using Kerry from Aisle of Love. My wedding is booked for July 2013 @ The Grecian Park Hotel... it can't come quick enough !! x
  • cherloublackcherloublack Posts: 269
    Aw thanks girlies, the dress is a copy of a the justin alexander from china cost me the princely sum of £150 including alterations and i couldnt fault it at all.

    the hubbie had an accident before the wedding and couldnt work for 3 months so the budget got slashed image

    Kerry did sort the flowers out it was the 'local bouquet' in the book which included gerberas and i just specified the colours which was pink and cream.

    I did my own hair and make-up due to the budget slashing plus im quite anal about having that sort of thing done just so.

    I would definately recommend urban decay 'all nighter long' make up setting spray to keep your on cos boy is it hot, and although you still sweat a little in the direct sun the make up does not slide off image
  • cherloublackcherloublack Posts: 269
    Forgot to say becki i got the bronze package, i think i swapped the cars for the album of 12 photos and bought the memory stick with all the photos on and 3 buttonholes and 2 corsages as extras.

    kerry really is fab and the photographer is so down to earth and funny he sets you at ease straight away image
  • Beccie1011Beccie1011 Posts: 802
    How was you taking asll your stuff over there? I was after taking another suitcase with me but it can only be requested from the airline which worries me image xxxx
  • cherloublackcherloublack Posts: 269
    The travelling with stuff was fine I requested my extra baggage allowance from the airline about 4 weeks before we flew and I never had it questioned. I took the dress as hand luggage in a wedding dress box which was also fine and I'm glad I did cos both planes we travelled on apparently had no wardrobes to store hanging bags!!
  • Beccie1011Beccie1011 Posts: 802
    Who did you fly with, we will probably be going with First choice or Thomas Cook, everytime i have called them they say to me it has to go in hold baggage but i dont want to let it out of my site!! xx
  • cherloublackcherloublack Posts: 269
    We flew with thomas cook, and to be honest i didnt even ask them about taking the dress i bought the wedding dress box exactly to their hand luggage measurements and then put the dress in it, what they gonna do image

    I figured worst case scenario is they'd open the box but they just scanned it as a normal hand luggage bag and it was fine. Its weird over here everyone in the airport was staring at the box and asking what it was but once you get to cyprus and start collecting your bags you see all the other brides to be landing with theirs image

    I got mine here

  • cherloublackcherloublack Posts: 269
    meant to say my friend got married in jamaica and used the same box and she had a lovely non destination maggie sottero (so bigger than mine) and the wedding dress shop packed it for her and the hotel steamed it on arrival
  • cherloublackcherloublack Posts: 269
    double post sorry image
  • Hi there!

    A big congrats to you and your husband! Your photos look fab and i LOVE your dress!

    We get married at Nissi Beach in June 2012 and have also booked Kerry at Aisle of Love and Andy at Vision Photography - I only asked him a few days ago whether we could have all our images on a usb stick/cd for us to print when we got home, in addition to the small 12 photo album as a part of our package with Kerry - great minds think alike!!

    Did you have a sit down meal with your guests? We have the Thallasa booked - its all just so exciting and we still have 11 months to go!!

    Enjoy married life and thanks again for sharing your pics xx
  • cherloublackcherloublack Posts: 269
    Hiya, we had the bbq buffet in the Ambrosia, the food was gorgeous everyone really enjoyed and they had the chef their cooking for you as we walked in.

    The thallasa is the seperate bit to the ambrosia isnt it? It will be gorgeous you've made a good choice.

    And the album vision will do will be gorgeous, it was hard to pick just 12 but i figured i could fill it up with the rest when i got home image
  • MrsSzpur2BMrsSzpur2B Posts: 91
    Hello.. Congrats photos look lovely image !

    Just read that u got ur dress cheap from china so thought i would be cheeky and ask where as im on a very low budget and also wanted to get from there but reviews would be great image x
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