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Coral theme

Hi girls

I really need help, has anybody else got a coral theme for their wedding? My bridesmaids dresses are coral and im find it really hard to find coral wedding things!

Please can i have some ideas if any of you have any? Flowers, table decorations etc xxxxxx


  • Coco_VCoco_V Posts: 60
    There is a thread on here somewhere type coral. There's loads of coral favours, chair covers, flowers etc..
  • Beccie1011Beccie1011 Posts: 802
    I got my bridesmaid dresses off jane norman, see below (hopefully that wored hehhe)

    Its flowers im struggling with more than anything there is a fine line between coral and orange xxxxx
  • Beccie1011Beccie1011 Posts: 802
    Well i quite fancy gerberas or roses....i think image I was going to get artifical flowers in the UK and take them with me to Cyprus so i can bring them back for people to see when we have the UK party.

    I just love the colour i just dont want to get stresses over it lol xxx
  • Love the bridesmaid dress xx
  • ElsaFianceeElsaFiancee Posts: 759

    that was my coral! I struggled so much... there is a lot more on offer this year, so you should be ok image

    I ended up having my BM dresses made to order, through etsy, as I couldn't find the fabric I liked in the high st last year. I had beautiful Faith roses for my bouquet (looks close enough on the pictures!), gerberas for the table centers, coral ribbons from ebay for the order of service and the favours, and had the groomsmen cravats made in the same fabric as the BM.

    whenever I get around to it, I'll do a post with all the pics.

    good luck
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