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Malta Wedding is it possible to arrange it with out a tour op or wedding planner???

Hiya Guys

This is my first post, and I am in process of planning my wedding.

We want to get married late April early may 2012 so not that long to go really.

My question is can I actually arrange this my self with out the assistance of a wedding planer, so can I like contact the registry office and sort the legal stuff myself here from Uk? Has anyone had any experince and if so was it a complicated process we have found wedding planners so expensive and we would'nt want to do it through a tour op as they wont confirm dates until we arrive in Malta which is no good because some guests are arriving on different days

Thank you in advance for any relies xxxx


  • Hi Lesli,

    I am a wedding planner from Malta and yes you can arrange everything yourself. But it is not easy (especailly if you don't plan to come for a tour before the wedding. And you can easly end up spending more money.

    If you plan to do it yourself, please be aware that Malta in April is very busy (that's the most popular time of the yeaar for the weddings), many locals are getting married in that period so start planning quick.

    If you haven't decided about the date yet, choose week day (more available venues, better deals from vendors).

    You can also find some beautiful venues (providing both, ceremony and wedding reception areas)very close to hotels, keep this in mind and it will save you lots of time and money.

    If you still want to do it yourself, start with venue, confirm the date (depending on the venue availability), then contact registry and ask for legal requirements (they will appoint officiant for the ceremony). Please note that all legal forms have to be submitted to Registar no more than 3 month but no less than 6 weeks prior to you wedding date....

    I am sure you'll have amazing wedding in Malta it is really fairy tale beautiful and romantic image

  • I'm not getting married in Malta, but I would say that our wedding planner has been worth every penny

    Yes, it can seem a lot of money, but remmeber that the planner knows the local area, knows the venues, knows the reliable and best florists, car companies and what the prices are you should be paying

    Personally, yes I think you could do it yourself, but it would be very time consuming and you'll be giving yourself a lot more stress

    Also, I plan a lot of big events, (bigger than most weddings) in my job on a regular basis, so I'm very experienced in event planning, but I'm still using a wedding planner for my wedding abroad
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