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Paphos Wedding - Kefalos Beach Village - Review of Wedding

Married on 18.06.2011 at the Kefalos Beach Village Hotel under the Beach Gazebo

Wedding planner - Anna Michaelides from Paphos Wedding Belles.

Photographer - Marios Michaelides.

Hotel Events Co-ordinator - Elena from Kefalos Beach Village.

On Saturday 18th June 2011, my (now) husband and I were married at the Kefalos Beach Village hotel in Paphos, Cyprus after experiencing the most perfect, stress free day we could have ever imagined.

We would like to express our eternal gratitude firstly to Anna and Marios Michaelides of Paphos Wedding Belles who were our wedding planner and photographer.

Anna was fantastic and after emailing her back and forth for the last year with a stream of never ending questions and pictures of things I wanted (and then different pictures when I changed my mind!!!) she made me feel that the questions were not silly (like I thought) and that nothing was too much to ask of her!

Anna came and met us the day after landing in Cyprus so that we could go and collect our marriage licence from the Town Hall.

We then went to meet Marios so that we could pick out our photo album.

Marios happily looked through the disc of ???????photo idea's??????? I had produced for him and gave us fabulous pictures that were exactly what we wanted, even moving us around the hotel in order to get a wide range of photographs.

Anna, going above and beyond, even took loads of photo's on our camera for us because in a last minute (just about to walk down the aisle) rush I realised that no one had pictured up our camera!

Secondly, we would like to thank Elena from the Kefalos Beach Village Hotel for all the hard work and finishing touches she put into our day.

From the first time I contacted Elena, right the way through to leaving the Kefalos after the wedding, she was absolutely brilliant and could not offer enough advice and support.

We were originally going for a -Build your own' wedding however, after Elena kindly helped us way up our options and introducing us to Anna from Paphos Wedding Belles, we decided to go with the Beach package which was created by the two of them.

We met with Elena the day after we arrived at the Kefalos and discussed exactly how the day was going to progress and finalised exactly what we wanted with food etc.

As we had not arranged any specific entertainment for our evening buffet, Elena arranged for some music to be played in the background.

She also arranged (last minute) for the hotel's resident DJ to obtain a songs that we wanted, in order for us to have as our First Dance (which we didn't think we would have been able to have until getting back to the UK) as well as sorting us out with a table for us, and our 24 guests, to watch the evening entertainment.

On the day of our wedding, Elena worked very hard to ensure that everything ran smoothly, including moving a half-naked sunbather away from the gazebo area so that our photographers would not be spoilt.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone else at the Kefalos who played a part in making our day perfect - including everyone from Geoff (the hotel's buggie driver who was always friendly and escorted us down the buffett), to the staff at reception (who were always very helpful), to the chef (who did a magnificent job with the food), to the waitresses and bar staff (who really had a lot of work to do), to the entertainment team (who delayed the evening show - as our buffet took longer than expected - just so we could watch and have our first dance!) and to the manager (who even came with champagne for us).

Words do not do justice to how fantastic our day was, and I would encourage anyone looking to get married in Paphos to go and speak with Elena and Anna because you will not be disappointed.


  • Rachytay83Rachytay83 Posts: 23
    Hi Woody!

    I am also getting married at the Kefalos and going through Anna! She emailed me a few days ago to confirm my date, which is 4pm on fri May 2013. I know its ages away but its nice too know its all booked. I visited the hotel in May and also met Anna and Elena, who happen to be friends of my cousin who lives out there. They are both fab and so friendly.

    I know its cheeky but do you have any photos you can e mail me to have a look at?

    Am so glad you had a fab day xxx
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Hi Rachytay,

    What is your email address please and i will send you some across

    Kate xxx
  • Rachytay83Rachytay83 Posts: 23
    Thank you so much. Its [email protected] xxxx image
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Hi Rachy,

    sorry for long delay in sending pictures...been really busy at work and cos i work shifts i've not been on computer for a while!

    They are currently sending as i type so should be with you soon image

    If there are any other specific piccies you want, let me know and ill see if i have them to send over.

    Also, if you have FB, find the kefalos and paphos wedding belles on there as they have loads of photo's image

  • Hi, I am also getting married at Kefalos Beach Village on 23 May 2013, what date have you picked? Have you chose what food & where you are having the reception yet?
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