Who is giving you away?

just wondered who will be walking down the aisle with you or up the cobbled steps as in my case! Also who will brides have standing with them whilst the ceremony takes place except Groom of course!


  • my papa is giving me away, my immediate family, my h2b family, 100 guests and an entourage of 5 bridesmaids and 2 pageboys!!
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    my mum`s long term partner! image

    along story!(.i dont see my dad..havent done for years)

    My grandad has always been my father figure,and was really pleased when i asked him..! bless him!;\)

    unfortuantley.the weather... (we are marrying in Limassol Cy in June 07) has put my grandad off as he really does suffer from the heat...

    he does`nt want to risk coming out with us for just a wk,just in case he`s laid up in the hotel room on the day!image

    So he asked my future stepdad to do the honour for him...bless!

    i was disappointed at first,but i understand....he`ll be 75.

    i would of changed the date to a cooler month,but unfortuantley my son has SATS exams in the May,and then in September 07 he starts High school,and i dont want to take him out of a new school......Not only that my partner and i have our business and staff to sort out aswell!

    We all know how important it is to get our holidays in early! So we`ve booked 2 weeks inbetween staff,thankfully it`s worked out around our 2 children!image
  • My dad is giving me away.

    On the day there will be my mum and dad, his mum and dad, his sister and her boyfriend and 2 close friends - and us of course!!!

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    My lovely mum is giving me away, my dad wont come as they're divorced and its messy but Im not bothered in the slightest, my mum is really proud to be giving me away and is even doing a "mother of the bride" speech !!

    We've got 2 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls, best man and then 14 close freinds and family attending. Its Paphos in October, cant wait !!!


  • Thanks very much guys. I am thinking about asking my Grandad but also want my Dad on the other arm do you think that would be ok?
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    That would be lovely, if you want both - have both !!

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    Yes! it`ll be really nice....you`ll have 2 men crying! make sure they have tissues!
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    At our wedding we will have two strangers as our witnesses. We just think that having to make the effort to get to know someone in New York so that they can do this for us adds to the excitment. As we are having no guests nobody will give me away
  • hi

    Lost my Dad suddenly on valentines day this year, so have asked my younger brother to give me away (he's 24). He's really chuffed and know my Dad would have approved.

    I think having your Dad and Grandfather both giving you away is a fab idea. I dont think it matters what you do as long as it's what you want, thats what counts!


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    oh sorry to hear of your loss loub.....

    your brother will do a good job and im sure your dad will give a wink on the day...

    jo x
  • I'm having my H2b nephew give me away - haven't had contact with my Dad for years and didn't want to ask one of my nephews in case the other one felt left out, but have given them both important jobs to do on the day for us
  • Hi girls

    My Dad gave me away (Tuscany, Italy... 4 weeks ago) it was fabulous!! Im soo jealous your all still arranging yours and Im not anymore....boo, hoo!!

    Also had 2 ushers, 1 best man and 4 bridesmaids.

    42 guests in all, including my dad and his girlfriend, my mum and step dad, hubby's dad and his wife and hubby's mum....quite confusing...both sets of parents separated and all but hubby's mum have met other people. Fortunately all went well and there were no fall outs!!

    I think having your grandad on one arm and your dad on the other is a great idea.

    I would have loved my grandad to be there but he couldnt cope with the flight over....he's 92...bless him!!

    Enjoy every single minute....take advice from someone who's just had their day.....Enjoy and take it all in, its over before you know it!!

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    My dad will be giving me away.

    There will only be 9 of us going to the Maldives for the wedding - Me and Mike, my mum and dad, his mum and dad, my sister and her boyfriend and Mike's brother.

    My sister is my bridesmaid and Mike's brother is his bestman.

    ~ Nat
  • none of my family want to go, my sister wanted to but now shes pregnant. so the husband to be's dad is going to give me away and snatch me right back at the same time! i suppose thats some kind of irony?! lol

    x mel x
  • Have asked my grandad to give me away. Like some others I dont speak to my dad and havent done for years. Grandad is my father figure and he was chuffed when I asked him to give me away. He said that it would be his pleasure (to finaly get rid of me!) lol.

    We were originally looking to get married in St Lucia but my grandad doesnt like flying (will put up with it but hates it!) so we have changed the venue to somewhere closer to home. Positano in Italy. At least this way it is only a two hour forty five minute flight into Naples. Mind you he is talking about driving! Go figure that out? image.

  • I've asked my oldest friend to give me away as she will be the only one from my side that will be there, but now h2b's uncle (he's sort of the head of H2B's family and has no girls of his own) has asked if he can walk me down the aisle and i don't know what to do so as not to upset anybody ...... help - what would you do?
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    i would ask myself these questions...

    do i feel close to him?

    do i feel comfortable with him?

    will he give me the courage when i arrive at the church?

    will i feel i can cry infront of him?

    its little things like that, you need to take into consideration..

    as you need to feel comfortable with the situation...

    whatever you decide and what questions you have the only person who can answer them is you...

    if you did chose your best friend over your h2b relative,then give him something important to do on the day...

    or if you do chose h2b uncle then give your friend pleasure of being your c bridesmaid,so she can walk down with you...

    let us know what you decide mildred

    Jo x

  • My friend is my chief bridesmaid, just don't want to offend anyone. H2bs uncle is great and i feel really comfortable with him and i think it would be lovely if he gave me away. But my friend is the only person from my side making any effort to come to the wedding and we have been through so much together over the past 15 years. I just don't know who to choose.
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    hi mildred,go with your feelings,if you would like h2b uncle then give him the pleasure..your friend has already got an important role...she will understand...

    Jo x
  • Hi

    My dad is giving me away.....

    Im having 1 chief bridesmaid, 3 little bridesmaid, bestman, 2 ushers (mine and H2B brothers, as it makes them part of the day)

    Also there will be 35 guests aswell.........

    Not getting married until june 07 in cyprus, but cant bloody wait......

    Mildred, ive just been reading about your problem, i think that you have who YOU want to give you away, at the end of the day, its YOUR big day......im sure the other person will understand......

    What does your H2B think, you should do????

    Let us know what you do....


  • H2B says it's up to me which was really helpful! I think i'll just ignore it and hope it sorts itself out. Thanks for your advice though :\)

  • My son is giving me away, he will be 17 when we get married in September 2007.

    My dad died 13 years ago.
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