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Help! Photographer for Paphos wedding...??

I'm getting married in Paphos next year and really need some advice on booking a photographer. We're only having a small service, (6 guests), with just a short cocktail reception afterwards to toast, cut the cake etc for an hour or so and then in the evening we're just going to find a nice restuarant/taverna where we can have a meal and a few more drinks to celebrate.

I don't really need one of the big photography packages as we're not doing that many of the traditional wedding things, like speeches etc and we'll only need them for an hour or two at the most as won't need them in the evening. I've looked at a few different comopanies on the internet but it seems most of them only do the full day packages. We just want pics of the wedding itself (obviously), a couple at the drinks reception of cutting cake and then just the usual ones of us with our daughter, parents etc.

Any info or recommendations would be really appreciated.



  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    Why don't you email my photographer - Dimitri Katchis. He tailors his packages down or up, and is so flexible.

    He is an amazing photographer, and am so happy we booked him! Email him, he is a lovely guy so would soon tell you if he could do it etc. xx
  • My friend used this photographer for her wedding I went to in June, she was really great image

    Nicky Kirby

    Cyprus Images Photography

    Email : [email protected]
  • 2bmrsb2bmrsb Posts: 39
    We used Nicky at Cyprus Images too, would highly recommend her, she is lovely and a fantastic photographer whom I'm sure would do just what you want. Godd Luck
  • CatK77CatK77 Posts: 44
    Thanks everyone! I have contacted Nicky and unfortunately she is already booked on my wedding day image She has given me some recommendations of some other companies though so it's not all bad x
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