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Are you buying new sunglasses for your wedding?


I was wondering if anyone is or has bought new sunglasses especially for their wedding abroad...

I normally buy glasses from Primark, topshop or if i'm feeling really fancy, next!! Normally they are lost or sat on within a month!

I am tempted though to go out and buy some super posh designer sunglasses for my trip to Italy and my wedding!

What is everyone else doing?




  • mrsjenny2012mrsjenny2012 Posts: 258
    it depends on the designer i suppose - but i would say getting married is a good reason to treat yourself!

    i bought some brand new real raybans from ebay for £11!
  • I bought some real Gucci ones on Ebay for my honeymoon, I only ever get cheap ones but thought no I want to feel special so splashed out.
  • i already have a really nice pair of designer ones, but i hardly wear them as they are a little loose now, will get them tightened to use then though.

    If you don't have a decent pair, why not treat yourself eh!! Im sure you'll find a decent pair on ebay for half the cost of the high street! image
  • h2b is buying me some chanel ones i want super nice ones its all about me lol! image
  • Very nice image look after them on the beach lol xx
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  • MissSMissS Posts: 267 New bride

    i useally wear raybans- I did buy a Micheal kors pair but for over £200 The guilt was too much and I returned them 😂 I have a lovely pair of oliver Bonas ones that everyone says look really expensive but are £40! So expensive enough to treat yourself but not too crazy you feel guilty!

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    i say treat yourself! You can even get Raybans personalised with your initials or wedding date. I’m planning on getting my fiancé some (although he has prescription lenses so not entirely sure how I’ll do it as a total surprise!). In the grand scheme of how much we are spending on weddings (and things we literally just throw or burn like confetti, stationery or sparklers), a nice pair of glasses that you‘ll love and be able to keep is a good investment!

  • I did not realise you can get personalised raybans, I might buy a pair for my fiance as a wedding gift and treat myself to a pair at the same time.  I was going to treat myself in duty free!

    I already have a pair of raybans which are a bit loose, can i just ask a high street opticians to tighten them?

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