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Cyprus Brides, What are you having for table centres???

Hi Girls

Hope your all well and your plans are going well...

Wanted to be nosey to see what people are doing with regards to their table centres/ decorations.

Are you having flowers, vases etc???

Kelly xx


  • Hiya Hun!

    I think we've already talked about this in PM's but thought Id comment cos you've got no replys!

    My venue is supplying little ivory lanterns with candles in & glass varses with floating hot pink flowers/petals inside!

    Your planning on getting yours shipped over there arnt you?

    Hope the plannin is goin well! X
  • MrsCorbettMrsCorbett Posts: 677
    Hey Hun

    Yeah we have spoke, how are your plans going? Have you seen your dress again?

    Yeah we are going to either ship them or see of they fit in a holdall suitcase so we can put it through as hand luggage. Depends if we have enough room etc.

  • What are you planning on taking over?

    I want to keep it quite simple, our reception venue is really gorgeous anyway so I don't think it needs a lot of decorations, so I want tall candles on all the tables and then tea light candles placed all around the edges of the terrace image
  • MrsCorbettMrsCorbett Posts: 677

    My theme is like a romantic shabby chic feel, so have table decorations for this, and lots of candles also.

    With venue being at Vasilias i wanted things to be quite natural and rustic as didnt want anything too stand offish, if you understand.

    The venue itself will do all the talking but its nice to have a pretty table, i hope thw flowers in my vases wont cost loads eeek i have 11 of them.

  • Hi,

    I have been really stuck on table decorations. I am thinking of using the florist (Paris at Enchaned) for these. I have not confirmed anything but I am thinking of mirror glass plates for each table and a fish bowl with candle inside or a tall vase with flowers. I am also taking over tealights with holders and petals to scatter.

  • MrsCorbettMrsCorbett Posts: 677

    Snap Paphosbride we are also using Paris @ Enchanted will be meeting her again in October where she will probably break the bad news of the cost ha ha.

    Fingers crossed that its not the case.

    What kind of flowers are you having from her?

  • Hi MrsCorb,

    I am either going to go for roses or lillies. I have been priced for the bouquets and roses are much cheaper! I have no idea of the price for the table decorations. Paris just said we would do something to suit my budget. I am getting married in 7 weeks so florist will phone me 4 weeks before to confirm everything. I am so undecided about flowers and table arrangments! Were you thinking of shippinng over your table decorations?

  • MrsCorbettMrsCorbett Posts: 677

    Yes we were looking to either ship them over or try and see if they all fit in a suitcase that fits into the hand luggage hold.

    My table centres are not glass vases they are cream vintage looking metal buckets so cute love them.

    If your looking at glass vases id recommend looking in Ikea, they also have Ikea in Nicosia if you wanted a day out if your there a while before the wedding?

    If i ship them out i will just leave everything behind at the venue as what the cost is to ship them back its not worth it, so fingers crossed they fit in a case. lol

  • Hi,

    Fingers crossed for you that they fit in your hand luggage.

    Thats good to know that there is an Ikea in Nicosia. I am in Paphos 6 days before the wedding so you never know, I could always plan a last minute trip! Although Im hoping to be all relaxed and organised by that time image
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