Florida Keys Wedding & Beach Wedding Dress Ideas

Hi there, not my first time posting as I asked a few questions on here earlier in the year but now I'm back as a future bride! Not actually engaged yet as we are waiting for our holiday in September, and to save a bit more for the ring, but once we are we'll be looking to make plans to marry in the Florida Keys, hopefully in May 2013.

We've found what I think/hope is a great wedding planner who does absolutely everything out there and arranges make up, hair and so on, does all the licences, performs the ceremony and has gorgeous decorations, as I'm still very much at the 'ideas' stage I'm just wondering if any one on here is planning a wedding in the Keys also or has already got married there.

It looks all so beautiful!

Also, am really looking for some ideas as to beach wedding dresses, don't really have much of an idea other than that I don't want it to be too heavy/hot, but I don't want to miss out on a beautiful dress either.

Many thanks for any responses x


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    Am just bumping this in case anyone can help x
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    Hiya im looking to get married in florida too in march 2013. Maggie Sottero has a good destination range with some gorgeous floaty dresses and also net-a-porter.com have some fab more casual dresses. I havent started looking for a dress yet but i cant wait!

    Also what was the name of the wedding planner you found as i have been looking but im getting nowhere as florida weddings dont seem as popular over here as say cyprus and greece? x
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    is who we are thinking of using, they seem to have amazing photos and feedback and provide a really good service however I will say that things seem to be slightly different over there in that you can get married literally anywhere and what her service seems to be is that she chooses/finds a stretch of beach, sets up all the seating and so on as detailed her packages, and then marries you there and then on the bit of beach, so in other words she's totally independent and not actually attached to a particular hotel or venue. This does seem pretty standard practice in other websites that I've looked at, but this person seems to provide the best and most personal service.

    As you can imagine though I do feel slightly wobbly about handing over complete control to someone I don't know and literally just meeting someone a few days before the ceremony and then the next time I'll be meeting them on a bit of beach to get married!!! But the site looks amazing and I'm guessing that you are able to pick your own beach-front venue, for example a motel or hotel, rented villa etc, and then she'll do her stuff on the beach. Still very much undecided but its nice to hear from someone else planning to marry there; as you say there doesn't appear to be a huge deal of information about Florida weddings for UK people, it all seems to be European weddings on here but I suppose thats more to do with people who want to take lots of guests/family etc - we're literally going to be a group of 4!

    Let me know what you think of her site.
  • Hi,

    I'm getting married in Florida in July 2013 image I've already got my dress! I got mine from monsoon. They do a lovely range and it's not to heavy and very reasonably priced too. They do a range of shorter dresses too, I bought a wedding dress and another bridal range dress for the evening image
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