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Hi. I've been having a fun day of editing and researching along with the usual sales calls before feeling inspired by some beautiful images from a fabulous wedding in Italy.

Now, here's my questions for you. Would you pay for someone in the UK to fly over with you to get your perfect wedding video/ film? We've been lucky enough to have filmed weddings all over the UK and Scotland-even Wales come September-but we've not had the chance to capture a stunning destination wedding. I would love to hear how many of you are looking for suppliers here or if you're just using who your venue recommends. It's something I'm really keen to look in to so would appreciate any feedback!! Thank you in advance! image


  • poppypowerpoppypower Posts: 171

    Am getting married in Italy in June 2012 and my photographer is from england and he will be flying out with us to Italy, it worked out only a little bit extra not much but only because of flights and accomidation, so my answer would be yes for sure.
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    As someone who has been on both sides - got married in Cyprus whilst living in the UK at the time I would have considered it. Now I live in Cyprus and work in the industry (not a photographer or videographer mind you) with our varied locations some are hidden away and takes local knowledge. Light conditions - for example it gets dark very quickly here, pick the wrong time and you could miss someone's sunset shots.

    Good luck with your project but the answer is local knowledge from me.
  • No, I wouldn't pay for any supplier to come from the UK abroad for my wedding

    Part of the reason a lot of people get married abroad is to keep costs down and make the wedding more simple and less fuss - transporting photographers/videotographers or anyone else with us wouldn't fit in with that idea for me image

    I agree with Weddingfan too, local knowledge is important and I'd rather trust someone my wedding planner recommends that knows the venue and area image
  • Thank you for the comments so far. I'm getting such a varied response that I guess it's the same as all my research...everyone's different!

    A lot of my photographer friends have travelled with couples as it gives them piece of mind that they are getting what they want and love the style. There's also more time before hand to meet and chat through all the smaller details which is also great to feel more comfortable with your supplier. That just comes at the extra costs of flights etc. Unfortunately I decided to ask the question after my friend got married abroad and paid for a package deal that included everything from photography to make-up. They're style and culture is obviously very different and they struggled to communicate due to language barriers. It's a funny story now but at the time the poor bride was mortified by the makeup artists interpritation of 'natural' and made herself late by having to redo it all herself!

    However, I agree that local knowledge is very important but that goes for everywhere surely? I've filmed weddings in very random places and travelled a lot to some stunning venues. I spend a lot of time researching places to stay, how to get there and what could go wrong. I've even been known to print out pictures so there's no chance of getting the venue mixed up! I wonder that if, with good communication, I could achieve the same abroad? I always love a challenge image

    Poppypower, can I ask why you decided to go with a UK photographer? We're looking for a couple who have a fabulous wedding planned abroad but we;re not sure how to approach that. In my head it will benefit us both, they get a great 'deal' and we get the experience of a 'destination' wedding and a lovely showreel theory?!
  • Thought I'd throw this out there again as it's something I'd so love to try! xx
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