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Taking dress abroad!

hi ladies i was wondering how you are all taking your dress with you? A lady in TC told me i couldnt take it hand luggage even if it was in the dimension but i dont see why not?? image what are you all doing ?


  • PfiggyPfiggy Posts: 199

    I literally just flew to the UK with my dress a week ago on a flight from Oz. I carried on with me as hand luggage and the airline had no issues with it, they were really good and even hung it for me in the closet in first class. Also, they didnt count the dress as part of my hand luggage allocation. Win! image
  • jorosiepjorosiep Posts: 334

    I am flying Easy-Jet and have bought a suitcase with the cabin dimensions and mine is going in that. The Easy-Jet website says that just as long as it fits in luggage of 56x45x25cm that's fine. It can be put in the hold, but I would rather have it with me.

    I have just had a look at the Thomas Cook site on dresses, and I do think they are being harsh, especially if other flight operators are happy for the dress to be taken into the cabin.

  • thanks ladies, if they lose it there will be hell to pay!! x
  • Dan0109Dan0109 Posts: 114
    Hi my friend advised me to go on a website called dressinabox, it's has all boxes for different airlines so you can take it on as hand luggage! It will be squeezed in a box (I'm slightly worried) but most people have said that once hanged up it drops! I'm flying with Thomas cook and there measurements are tiny! Hopes this helps.
  • SheraleighdSheraleighd Posts: 1,336

    I work for an airline and we are very accommodating with wedding dresses etc but I know a lot of airlines will charge you extra if you just rock up on the day without arranging something prior as they know they have you over a barrel and that you need to take it!

    As for putting it in a suitcase in the hold/cargo area I would NEVER EVER do this!

    I see the baggage handlers at play and it ain't pretty!

    Just give your airline a call and ask very nicely if your dress can stay with you.

  • thanks its got me worried now and ist not till next year . i hope i get someone nice who lets me keep it!!, thanx for the website ill have a little look hopefully i get something x
  • Hi,

    I fly with Thomas Cook in 6 weeks and I have a box which I purchased from the empty box company. Its not that big but the bridal shop are going to pack it for me and said it should be ok. I am taking the box as my hand luggage as there is no way I am putting my dress in the hold!

  • i would definately take it in a box as hand luggage. I seen this wrote somewhere else but cant remember where but one lady who was told her dress had to go in the hold pointed out to her travel company that it states not to put any valubles in the hold but in hand luggage, and the most valuble thing to a bride marrying abroad is her dress lol x

    were in the very early stages of planning our wedding, thinking of may 2014 but i already know my dress will be with me as hand luggage.
  • Mine went as hand luggage with Cyprus airways with no problems at all. I bought a hand luggage wheeley cabin case to pack it in so it could be wheeled around rather than carrying it in a wedding dress box. My dress was dead on the max weight hand luggage can be.
  • I'm going to take it on as hand luggage, depends who you fly with but if you're with EasyJet it doesn't matter how heavy your hand luggae is as long as it's no bigger than the maximum size
  • Oh god, I fly out in 4 weeks and have no idea how i'm getting my dress out there. Was toying with the idea of just putting it in a case to go in the cargo area but now you have scared me about doing this and I don't think it will fit into a box of TC size. HEEELLPP
  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    Hi, I took my dress with me as hand luggage on 2 flights (United Airlines) to Hawaii in a wedding dress box. I had a look on ebay and even had our names and wedding date emblazoned on it, didn't cost that much (£25). We had no issues whatsoever on the flight. With regards to fitting, the box I had was quite deep and fit within the regulations.
  • Hi Ladies,

    Ive brought this box from e-bay.

    Luxury Acid Free Personalised Wedding Dress Travel Box!

    Hope this helps you all image
  • Oh God I am flying with thomas cook next summer and my dress is quite large and heavy so god knows what I am gonna do! image
  • sherbournesherbourne Posts: 263
    i flew with thomas cook and panicked about their small hand luggage. i bought the smallest case i could which was still over their regulations and nobody even asked me if i had any or if they could see it x
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