the adams beach hotel

hi i'm getting married at the adams beach hotel in 2012 i have guest going but we have decided not to have a reception after because they are all staying at different hotels and are all inclusive. (we are going to go out for drinks) The hotel will charge us 500 euros if we don't have a reception there will it be ok for me h2b and 2 children to have a meal at the hotel on our own? Can they still charge us 500 euros if we did this?

Thanks for any replies


  • hey, i don't know the answer to your query, sorry, but had to reply. That seems a bit steep for them to charge you 500 euros for not having your reception with them, after all if you are getting married there, they are having cash off you already etc, thats just greedy!!lol
  • You will find that a lot of hotels charge if you do not hold the reception there, and most have a minimum number, usually around 25 and its usually eating from their wedding menus of about 30 to 50 euros per head. You may be better looking into it as if they are going to charge that you might get the reception for summot similar x
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