Our Amalfi Coast wedding (with pics)

Hi - now i have know how to upload pictures (hopefully they work!), thought i would share a few of our wedding in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast in June.

After a lot of deliberation (from me mostly) we decided to get married in Praiano after we struggled to find what we were looking for in Surrey. We wanted a barn that we could supply our own catering at and have a relaxed, informal wedding. There are lots of lovely barns in Surrey, but none fit our criteria and seemed so expensive to hire for just a few hours. I did find one but it was very 'rustic' and my mum really didn't like it.

Italy had always been a contender since we got engaged back in September 2008 (I had watched mamma mia at the cinema that July and thought that would be a perfect wedding), my husbands dad is from the village and all his cousins and aunties and uncles still live here, we go there on holiday every year. Although I had doubts because for many reasons, getting people there and whether my nan would be able to come because of all the stairs and hills in the area.

Can't remember how i decided, but i think i had given up looking for what i wanted in Surrey and planning for our Italy wedding got under way.

we went over in the summer to visit the church and look at 2 reception venues - Tramonto D'Oro and Locanda Costa Diva - although the first one had amazing views, the second matched our hopes for a relaxed wedding and the setting in the lemon groves and gardens overlooking the sea was perfect.

Actually booking stuff wasn't so easy! Although the Amalfi Coast is touristy, this village is quieter and mots people don't speak any English, so i could not book anything myself. My husband can speak Italian, so the booking (and sorting out of problems such as when they lost the paperwork 2 weeks before the wedding) was left up to him and other relatives over in Italy. But it all worked out in the end....

his auntie did my hair

my lovely mori lee dress! i was a bit worried about it being too big, as i went to look for a traditional destination dress but then my mum made my try on a big one for fun and from then i had to have a big one!

my bridesmaid was fab - she did my, mum mums and the other bridesmaid's makeup on the day and their hair too!


  • oh photos not working! - try again

    our car was a cool little fiat 500, my mum was very worried i wouldn't fit in it and wanted me to get another car, but my dress fit - just about!!

    Leaving the church, the italians had already left to see us come out

  • coming out of the church - they throw sugared almonds and rice rather than normal confetti

    Husband and wife

  • My lovely bridesmaids

    we went down to the beach for photos

    and then up to another little church which had lovely views over to positano

  • then onto the reception!!

    my homemade table plan - the theme was butterflies at the reception

    arriving at the reception

    first dance - we had these cool people planying neopolitan music, so we didnt end up having our chosen first dance song - it all got a bit manic and then everyone joined in - was lots of fun

  • I have 5000 photos - the photographer was fab (and a bargain) so i could get carried away with adding photos, so might stop after this one! One of my faves, shame it is so dark. Was taken through the windscreen of the fiat 500, cant remember what we were laughing at!

    Had such a lovely day, its a bit sad we will never get to have the day again!
  • EJW14810EJW14810 Posts: 315
    Love love love it!! So effortlessly beautiful! You have made me so excited for my Italian wedding in 3 weeks! Congratulations!! xxx
  • Absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing image
  • HappyHippy85HappyHippy85 Posts: 184
    Absolutely beautiful, even though you are in a foreign country you can see so much of your own personality in the special touches, you've really made it unique to you both, your dress is stunning and really compliments the scenery. Looks like a wonderful day, congratulations.
  • Looks like you had a great time! Thank you for adding this as I am looking to get married at costa diva from the US next year! Wondering if you could let me know what photographer you used? Thanks!
  • These are fab, you look so happy!
  • beautiful pics 
    I am getting married in Tuscany next year and very happy with Anna, the wedding planner I booked at
    www.we-do-weddingsinitaly.com.   I am looking for a photographer. Would you be able to give me the contact of your photographer? I wonder if he /she would travel to Tuscany though! :wink:
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