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I've finally booked our Paphos wedding in Sep 2012! Really excited!! image

We're considering buying wedding insurance and would like to know your experiences on this. Who did you buy this from and why? Do your cover include disruption due to the ash cloud or should that be covered by a travel insurance instead?

Many thanks for your help!


  • jorosiepjorosiep Posts: 334

    We bought wedding insurance as we weren't sure if H2B was going to get made redundant this year, and the insurance covered this. Fortunately he is not getting made redundant, but it is handy to have in case anything goes wrong, and I always love a back up plan!

  • We've got wedding insurance, we were advised to take it out before paying any deposits or they aren't covered

    We booked it through Wedding Plan, I didn't manage to find any insurance that covers any ask cloud disruption but people still need their individual travel insurance and it should be covered by that
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