Having a Panick attack

Hi Everyone

well i sent Save the Dates about 8 weeks ago and am just doing the invites now the only thing is i have doen a wedding website and sent it witht the save the dates hwoever when i have just been lookign at the hotels i put on which i spent alot of time looking at ect google maps are sayign there futher away than they did when i checked them 8 weeks ago arrrrr so now am needing to find hotels in Fiesole so if any one knows of any hotels in Fiesole not to expensive could you please let me know as am having a mini panpick attack

i have been very stressed this week with the wedding although its not till next june but wedding planner has goen away and didnt even mention it he is also not available till sept as he said he wont be available eiether between the 6 aug to 22nd and then its Bank Holiday i could just cry

any way rant over


  • Don't panic! I just googles Fiesole hotels and loads came up, and you can go onto google maps and show hotels, there's loads to choose from

    I'm sure people can check hotels themselves anyway, I'm not going to give people hotel details, I'm just telling them where we're staying and apart from that they can make their own plans image
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