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Malcesine Lake Garda June 2012

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has got married in, or been to see Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda? We are looking to get married there next year, but have some older relatives coming and we're a bit worried about accessibility and the number of steps there are. Has anyone been that can tell me what its like please?

Thanks so much.



  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908

    I have been, you should be ok with Malcesine, but it really depends how hard they find walking. Its all cobbled and small streets around there. In the castle you can get married on the roof terrace, which has lots of steps up to it, but they are wide steps. And an inside room with a small balcony looking out over the lake (less steps to get to the room, but still steps).

    One to avoid is Torre del Benaco Castle. This was really steep with lots of narrow walkways and staircases, so that would be a definite no. Im sure if they took their time they would be fine with Malcesine. Its a beautiful place, with some stunning views and the photos would be amazing.

    Pretty much rained the whole few days I was there last July, but im sure this is not common xx
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