Beach tax Mexico anyone help

hi all I am absolutely gutted, we have been told today that if we want to actually get married on the beach in Mexico there is now an extra charge of $150. I don't know if the travel agents are trying to con us as they forgot to tell us or have the Mexican government now bought in a new beach tax? Am gutted as we have paid for our hol and wedding and our budget won't stretch to another $150. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks Claire


  • Maybe its the hotel that is charging it? google your hotel and see if they have any info on weddings and see if it says anything about an extra charge to actually marry on the beach?

    I know the hotel i really like in cyprus this year charges a fee if you dont hold your reception there, but as of next yr they are going 1 wedding only per day, they have scrapped one of the wedding areas and now its 400 euros for the ceremony whether or not you have your reception there.
  • beckyboo84beckyboo84 Posts: 15
    Hi we are getting married in mexico in 2013 and our tour op has not mentioned anything to us about that. Iv looked on our hotels website as well and it says nothing about it on there. I would maybe get in touch with your hotel? have you asked your travel agent why this has only been mentioned now ? its out of order really, given that many people will want to marry on the beach, its kind of a big detail for them to miss out.
  • Claire_asClaire_as Posts: 13
    I have looked on the hotel website and it does not say anything on there. The wedding coordinator had emailed me and said it $150 to marry on the beach and when I asked the travel agents about this they took all day to come back to me and say that it is a new charge bought out by the Mexican government so they were unaware that this would occur. I'm marrying at sandos caracol Eco resort and spa.
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