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Any St Lucia Brides?

Hi Ladies.

Just wondering if anyone is getting/got married in St Lucia? We're getting married on Pigeon Island in April 2012 and using Awesome Caribbean Weddings - so far they have been fab! We're yet to book any accommodation so any recommendations would be great.

Thank you! Cherry x


  • Hi, I am a St Lucia bride to be!

    We get married in November at Rendezvous. It is an adult only hotel so may not be suitable if you have any children going with you. It is supposed to be amazing though. Have you made a shortlist of hotels? I used trip advisor to make my shortlist.

  • Hi,

    We're getting married on 30th March 2012.

    Can't wait, we used a company called Tropical Sky and they have been amazing.
  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    hi,i know this is quite an old post, but we are getting married in st lucia july 2014 and are going to use tropical sky, where did you marry Annemarieclark1?

  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225

    Hi Kerry,

    Saw your post and Im getting married in St Lucia in June this year. We are staying at St James Club but went through Virgin (our guests have got in with a BA sale)...Its worth comparing companies and playing them off against each other (we bargained with Hayes and Jarvis, Virgin and BA).

    My family have used tropical sky before on various trips to the caribbean and they seem to be ok. When the hotel they were meant to be staying at wasnt completed in time, they offered an alternative, or refund or credit which seemed fair. Think the hotel wedding packages are fairly standard from what we found out prior to booking (if you havent looked into it already) 

    All the best image

  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114
    Hi debs

    Let us know how your wedding goes,not long to go then.

    I've never been to st lucia,but have always wanted too,when family started being awkward about things we decided to book st lucia and do it alone.

    I have put our deposit down so far with tropical sky and they have been great so far,I did shop around and these were the most competitive.

    We have booked to marry at east winds inn...not the cheapest but well worth it by the reviews it has.

    Have you been to st lucia before?

  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225

    No, its a new part for us (closest we have been is mexico) but family have extensivly travelled around the caribbean on many cruises (we orignally looked for Barbados on recommendation).

    All i know is i want a beach and they all seem pretty nice in that part of the world!image

    Hope it all works out for you, does look a lovely place (we considered it too! ) x

  • AsherAsher Posts: 92
    Debs, thank you for your post, looked at the hotel and it looks lovely x
  • AsherAsher Posts: 92
    Hi Kerry, I see that you are another bride to be doing it alone. When are you getting marred? And do you mind me asking what your arrangements are for your big day? Me and h2b Are looking at going to Caribbean just the two of us, but not quite sure what do do of an evening and don't want to look silly with a wedding dress on in the evening sat in a restaurant unless places cater for just a wedding party of two in a private room

    Ashley x
  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    Deb - thats what i want a beach wedding and they look lovely in st lucia,hope you have a lovely wedding,would love to see your photos xx


    Asher- yes its just a small weding for us,myself h2b and my 2 really looking forward to it just being us to be honest,just sweet and simple! we are staying and having our wedding at east winds inn which is quite a small all inclusive hotel and i think they set up a table for you and husband to have a lovely meal together. sounds perfect to me. xx

  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225

    Kerry, Sweet and simple is a lovely idea...I think in all honesty, thats what we are aiming for  too! It will be lovely (even if it its still hot!).

    You must post yours aswell (even if you make us wait a yearimage ). Just a question, who will you be getting to witness your wedding? Or are your children old enough?

    Have you looked into photography/videography? From what we've seen looks like we have to use a company the resort has specified image (tbh tho, their website isnt too bad! just the cost element ontop of everything else!)

    Sorry, im just being nosey and intrigued to see how others are going about it. image


  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    Hi Debs

    Im not too sure about witnesses, my children will be 16 and 12 is that too young? ive just arranged my photography, i emailed east winds and she booked it for me, i presume its the one they use all the time, she also sent me the photograhers facebook page etc and the photos look lovely. i suppose i could have sourced my own but its just easier to go through the hotel. ive also asked east winds to arrange my makeup and hair too, and again they get someone in to do it,that seemed quite reasonable $95?

    i dont mind you asking, i love being nosey too! xx

  • Rachy1000Rachy1000 Posts: 50

    Hi All,

    The h2b and I are running off and getting married alone and will have a party at home when we get back. We going to get married in June this year. We have booked with Tropical Sky. We decided to get married at the Rendezvous because of the reviews and how lovely it looks. Both Tropical Sky and the Rendezvous have been really helpful from start to finish!

    If anyone has any tips or advice then I would love to hear them. Is there anything you would do differently? Especially if anyone has picked the Rendezvous? image

    Ashley, i am looking forward to celebrating in the wedding dress, i think it will be romantic and you shouldnt care what people think, it will be your day afterall!


  • AsherAsher Posts: 92

    hi rachy100, 

    congratulations on your up and coming weddingg, when are you tying the knot? what are your plans for our weddibg day? do mind me why you've decided to go away alone? 

    have you made any plans for your party when you come back?

    sorry for all the questions, it's nice to be able to chat with someone else that's also going alone.


    ashley x



  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114
    Rachy1000, it's nice to know someone else has booked with tropical sky, we have also,they have been great so far,was a little nervous as I hadn't heard of them before but it's been fantastic and they quoted us the best price out of a few companies!

    Not long to go for your wedding, good luck hope all goes well.

  • Rachy1000Rachy1000 Posts: 50

    Hi Ashley,

    No worries, happy to answer all the questions image

    There are a few reasons for going abroad. One of them is family related, I am not sure if my mum could make to the wedding (she’s not very well and isn’t in a position to physically get to the ceremony) So if she can’t be at my big day then, maybe it’s me being selfish I don’t want anyone else there either. If we did stay here I could also see the wedding getting into something big and elaborate, neither my h2b or me want. When we announced our engagement I already had people talking to me who I haven’t spoken to in years expecting to be invited to the wedding! I just think sometimes weddings can get taken out of the hands of the couple and turned into someone else’s day… We can’t afford something big, we don’t want to be one of those couples of take out a loan for a wedding and will still be paying it back in 10 years’ time!

    We haven’t told anyone that we are actually doing it yet (the date is the 14th June) which is slightly scary… as we wanted to plan it our way. Still haven’t decided if we will tell our families just before we go or when we get back… not quite sure! I have arranged the dress, flowers, going to do my own hair and make-up to keep the costs down. One thing I did hate doing was going dress shopping on my own, never do that! I burst into tears as soon as I left the shop. It seemed like a good idea to just go and do it all on our own… But my h2b saw how much stress I was causing myself, so he let me tell my best friend who now is my go to person! (I also like the fact I can come to YAYW to ask for random advice!)

    For the actual day, we are having their basic wedding package but it includes a the registrar fees, room upgrade, couples massage, decorated arch, and we have paid a bit extra to have our wedding dinner on the beach with a private waiter. We have booked the photographer separately and paid for a little bit more to have a sunset shoot on the beach. For the evening I am happy to dance the night away in my dress and enjoy it! And may well be a diva and have another dress to change into? Why not hey?

    I will be organising a party when we get back, maybe commandeer a bar or something and do things on a budget! Plus I will hopefully get to wear my dress again! image I know there will be a few disappointed people but ultimately this is about h2b and me! And you have to do what makes you happy.

    The best thing about getting married abroad and somewhere as gorgeous as the Caribbean is that we get to have a honeymoon at the same time! And it’s all for the same price! Plus you will have somewhere special to celebrate your anniversaries in years to come!

    When / where are you getting married?

    Thanks Kerry! Good luck with your day!!

    Sorry for the essay!


  • AsherAsher Posts: 92

    Hi Kerry, 


    sorry I haven't replied sooner!! That's fab, not long until you getting married.  We haven't set a date yet, but it's looking like end of march a early April next year.  My h2b is 40th on the 7th April and both of us have always wanted to go to ny/ las vegas so we thought we might as well combine a wedding/honeymoon and a big birthday all in one go!!! We are currently looking a getting married in Barbados and 9 nights there followed by 5 nights in Vegas!!! We want it small being just the two of us as h2b mum and dad have split up, his mum want fly and I feel guilty just having my parents there as I don't think it's fair on his mum and step dad!!

    li do howeve feel slightly guilty that my dad can't give his only child away, although he is a little gutted, he said it was our day and we should what we want. 

    i am however having a small family meal followed by a party in the evening.

    really want to get wedding etc booked so that I can start looking at dresses, where did you get your dress from? How soon after you come back are you having a party?


    thanks Ashley 

  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    Do you know what vows you say when getting married in st lucia? X

  • Rachy1000Rachy1000 Posts: 50

    I would be keen to know that too. Although we are going to write our vows as well even if we read these out after the offical ones... nothing to long. We wanted to try and make the ceremony personal to us.

    I am starting to get a bit nervous now as I only have 30 days to go and i already feel like i am forgetting something!?!

    Ashley, we are going to have our party in September, I know it seems quite a long way away but we wanted to give people plenty time to sort out arrangements etc... Not quite sure what type of venue to book? Bar / hotel / restaurant? We will only have around 60 people going.

  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    Ive heard they are similar to here,but not sure? i only want to say something short.

    we are possibly having a party when we come back for family and friends, we are lucky enough to have friends with land so they are offering to do a marquee etc ..also means you get to wear your dress twice too.

    are you flying with virgin rachy1000? how long is your transfer to the hotel? not long at all for you x

  • Rachy1000Rachy1000 Posts: 50

    Kerry, that is really handy! And defo another excuse to wear the dress again!

    Yep flying out with Virgin. In terms of my outbound transfer we have booked the helicopter ride. And the return we are going by coach. We only booked the helicopter as a treat to ourselves  image Its still quite expensive about £250 one way.

    I had a really nice surprise from Tropical Sky, they sent through a beautiful box from the Empty Box Company. It is big enough to fit my dress, flowers, shoes etc.. but small enough to fit as hand luggage so it completely sorts out the dilemma of transporting my dress! It was a really lovely of them! Hopefully you will receive one too!


  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    yes we are doing the helicopter transfer to as a treat only when we arrive though then a private transfer back.  Yes tropical sky said they send boxes out, very nice idea. x

  • BaileyBailey Posts: 2

    Hi All

    Hope you don't mind me joining your conversation but we get married at Rendezvous in November this year image It's nice reading your comments as all things I've been wondering too. We've never been to St Lucia but Rendezvous looks amazing and we're very lucky in that 23 friends/family are coming with us.

    You mentioned you booked a photographer seperately? How did you find out about him/her if you don't mind me asking?

    I'm worried about fitting my dress in one of those boxes, our agent said that Virgin are normally very good though and if they know it's a wedding they will put your dress in a wardrobe on board?


  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    Hi bailey,nice to see someone else getting married in st lucia too,I have booked my photographer through the hotel.i will put my dress in the box the agent supplies then take it on as hand luggage.i think the bridal shop will pack it in the box for you x

  • Rachy1000Rachy1000 Posts: 50

    Hi Bailey,

    Welcome to club image

    I have 22 days to go until the big day. Rendezvous looks lovely and 99% of the reviews are amazing. That was the reason we picked it.

    We booked the wedding photography through the hotel. They gave us the following options:

    We picked the the second company as we liked the look of his photos. Sandra the wedding coordinator is lovely and really helpful. We are doing it on our own and i will need help getting into my dress and is even going to help me into it!

    Ive also got a box from the agent that will fit all my things in. But think Kerry is right, the bridal shops should be able to pack it for you.

    hope that helps


  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    best wishes to rachy and debs as I know its your big day this month! Hope you have a love time xx

  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225

    Thanks Kerry! In two weeks we will be jetting off, so excting but bit scary at how fast time is flying.

    FMIL is paying for us to helicopter transfer on the way back as a wedding gift, so looking forward to that.

    Just as a quick thing, and im still undecided, but my dress shop said not to use the dress boxes as apparently they fall apart if they get wet or put in a puddle. Now, i know if its hand carried, we wouldnt (!) be silly enough to leave it in a puddle but did make me wonder whether its worth popping it in a cabin sized case (ive got one but its not rigid all the way round..) for a bit more protection. Also with the chances of rain out there atm.... But then a dress box bought from Virgin means its def going to be allowed....ahhh silly last minute dilemmas!!

    But yey, St Lucia wedding! image

  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    not long then debs, I think rachy was flying out today? I suppose they are right about the boxes if they get wet, but what are the chances of that as it will be on the plane with you,then in the taxi for the transfer then you will take it out of the box as soon as you get to the hotel, so I don't think I would worry about it.  And hopefully you won't see any rain!

    good luck and best wishes, and hope you post some pictures when you get back. Xx

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Hi ladies, just noticed this thread for the first time - I have just got back from honeymoon in St Lucia, it was the most beautiful place, you'll all have the most fantastic weddings! We saw plenty of weddings taking place at our hotel (sandals halcyon beach in choc bay) and it was such a stunning place to get married x x

  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    That's lovely to know nenjen, I have never been to st lucia but it was always my dream to get married there. We are getting married at East winds inn.  What has the weather been like there? Xx

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Hot! It was about 32 degrees every day but it feels so much hotter because it's so humid. It rains every day but not for very long - maybe 45 minutes at most. It was quite rare to see a clear blue sky but we were really glad for the cloud cover because it was so hot without. the evenings are about 25 degrees too! The best pre-honeymoon purchase I made was Lee Stafford dehumidifying spray for my hair - it was an absolute life saver! x 

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