Package 'deals' going to drive me insane!

Hi all,

We're looking at getting married in Cyprus next year and have been looking at hotels and the 'deals' they offer. We've lookied in detail at Capo Bay and their package stands at 2299 EUROS and whilst it seems to include everything it just seems a little steep. I was wondering if anyone knows how much these might cost if I was to book them myself without going through the hotel.

Wedding arrangement fees

Transfer to Town hall to obtain your marriage licence

36 photographs in white album

DVD plus unedited video cassette

Bride's bouquet roses or lilies

Matching groom's button hole

1 tier sponge wedding cake

Upgrade to one of our suites (Junior or Duplex garden suite) on the night of the wedding

1 hour Aromatherapy massage for the couple, at the Oneiro Spa, in the couple's room

Dinner 4 2 including a bottle of local champagne

Sorry for such a long first post, but I'd like to know what kind of price these kind of things are before I start trying to compare packages offered by other hotels.

Thanks muchly,



  • Your best bet would be to get a comparasion quote with an independant wedding planner image
  • dee2ukdee2uk Posts: 635
    hi, when i was planning for cyprus, it was much better imo to do it all independantly, and easier than you may think. I booked wedding with the church deirectly and just booked the holidyas seperately. i guess you need to decide whether you feel you have time to d this, or as the above a planner and get some more quotes.

    good luck xx
  • I used Thomas Cook's deluxe wedding package, & then did everything myself. Shop around & then see what suits you better. You'll probably find it will be cheaper that way & it is then customised to how you want it instead of a package everyone else has.
  • I would thoroughly recommend you contact an independant planner they will give you comparisons. Tour Operators are always more expensive but local girls will be able to provide you with a choice of quotes and may even help you get the accommodation you want. It doesn't hurt to ask and they will gladly give you information free of charge. Good Luck and happy planning xx
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