The Elysium, Paphos, Cyprus

Hi brides and brides to be

I was just wondering if anyone had their wedding at the Elysium in Paphos?

I live in Peyia and i have done the stupid thing of going to look at The Elysium before checking prices, now i have falled madly in love with the hotel and cant get it off my mind!

Has anyone had their wedding there? If so did you find it expensive?

We are not planning on getting married until 2013 (a lot of saving needs to be done image )

Thanks Mel xx


  • I dont think it will take much to twist my arm into going with The Elysium, lol it is lovely. We went to have a look around and they also had a wedding on, the grounds look gorgeous for getting perfect wedding photos....I think im sold!

    So for the next 2 years I plan on doing nothing except saving lol!

    Good luck with your wedding image xx
  • Is the Elysium a little further out from Paphos harbour?
  • Yeah its about 10mins drive from the Harbour, its just off Tomb of the Kings road. Not sure if you know that road? xx
  • My cousin got married,well had a blessing,in the Elysium chapel[beautiful chapel] about 5yrs ago.They stayed in the Elysium for 2wks,wedding in first week with some guest's staying there,some stayed nearer to Bar St,one couple stayed right down the other end by the airport and we stayed in the Kefalos Beach Appartments[ lovely hotel,clean,cant's fault it and would stay there again if ever we went back to Cyprus] which is next door to the Elysium [reason being the Elysium is a beautiful hotel BUT a very expensive hotel too,it would have cost us over a thousand pounds pp for 1 week but it cost us less than a thousand for the 2 of us and that was with a sea view which is a must if you are staying at the Kefalos] and honeymoon for the 2nd week on their own as they had asked all guests to only stay for a week so they could have 2nd week on their own.

    They got married in Peyai Town Hall in a lovely court yard and then went back to the hotel and had a blessing in the chapel and the reception. Like i said hotel is very,very posh [men can not wear any shorts/t-shirts in any resturants in the hotel,must be trousers and shirts with a collar],drinks are also very expensive including water [twice as much in their shop compared to Kefalos] and they will not let you keep anything in the mini fridge in the rooms that is not on the list [my cousin used to get water from our shop and when the maid came around take the water out of the fridge and then put it back after she had gone because they would check and throw out anything that shouldn't be there]. I have to say that the food we had for the reception was beautiful,the beef was melt in your mouth [all be it a bit to rare and bloody if you like your meat cooked through like me but i ate it and some of my husbands because it was way too red for him in the middle] and the dessert,don't know what it was called but it was like a mousse with white and milk choc and it was stunning.

    They also had beautiful photo's taken at night down by the beach side in the hotel.

    If you are thinking of having your wedding here all i can say is i'm guessing it woun't be cheap but it will be beautiful and the food will be stunning.
  • Thanks for the reply image I have been down and just looking at it you can tell it is an expensive hotel, maybe i should have looked at the price list before falling in love with it image

    I actually live in Peyia and the court yard is lovely. I think I need to visit a fewv more hotels.... image

    Thanks for the info image xx
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