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We are currently considering our options for getting married abroad and I notice that most of the threads on here are regarding Cyprus. Is there a reason that so many people choose to get married there?


  • I went to a friend wedding there last year and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! She married at Vasilias like so many brides on here and it was a stunning day, weather is excellent most of the year and the main reason i chose cyprus over greece was less headache with regards to paperwork... for greece we would have needed lots of documents translated but for cyprus we dont imageimage

    Its also cheaper than some places further abroad and still as beautiful, who knew something like this is in cyprus!!! ......


    where are you thinking of getting married skye?
  • We looked at lots of different countries but settled on Cyprus because we'd been there, it's so easy to get married there, they ceremony is done in English, it's not too far for people to travel and not too expensive either image
  • Did you get married in Cyprus ? I'm looking to get married there as well so would appreciate any advice. Thanks
  • Hi,

    if you're looking for something different, I will sing you down the aisle to your song.

    I can also provide the entertainment at your reception party afterwards.

    You can find me on facebook and on Youtube.  I am from the UK, but live in Paphos.

    Dominic Holmes

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    I had Four Seasons Limassol perfect
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