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I'm getting married in Scotland next year, (not really abroad I know!) but the reason I am here is that my friend wants to get married in Italy and I was wondering all those of you who are marrying in Italy, how easy is it to organise and where was you first port of call!

She is in a real panic as she doesn't want it to cost a fortune and she wants it to be really relaxed but is having a hard time finding somewhere for a nice relaxing day?

I hope you guys can help!


  • Helen22ukHelen22uk Posts: 156
    Hi I am getting married on Lake Grda in Malcesine this August. We are using a wedding planner through and I could not recommend the service highly enough. The company uses a variety of locations around Lake Garda which looks absolutely beautiful and can cater to any budget. For example, you let the planner know how much you want to sepnd on your reception and they will find a hotel/resturant to cater for that. Another tip to save money would to be advise your friend to book her flights direct from thre airline and also book accomodation direct. Lots of the hotels over there offer dicount for booking direct and this has really saved us and our guests alot of money. Before we booked with Lake Garda Weddings though we also checked prices with tour operators such as Thompsons but we felt that the service provided by Gwen and her team at Lake Garda weddings provided a much better service and much more choice - I also feel like we have more control over all of the details with their service whereas the service provided by tour operators seemed more like a 'package'. Hope this helps!
  • Darrell_SDarrell_S Posts: 53

    I would aslo recommend and Gwen!

    We are getting married in Garda with just 23 people and a budget of about £5000 including the honeymoon (which will be the same place as the wedding!)

    It CAN be done no problem image
  • tiggy1uktiggy1uk Posts: 3
    Hi There,

    I am getting married in Southern Italy and I have arranged everything through Emma at Luna Rosa. There will just be the two of us and we are staying in a really nice boutique hotel overlooking the sea in Amalfi. She has been really helpful sending lots of info on the venue and the menus. We are even having a helicopter ride over the Amalfi coast!. The ceremony will be in the cloisters in Sorrento.
  • Murrayuk1Murrayuk1 Posts: 7

    We got married in Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast on 1st June this year and it was just magical, we used Angela & Rosaria at Ravello Events and they were just fantastic, they made everything so easy, I had nothing to worry about, it was all just perfect. We got married in the garden of the Town Hall (really old 12th centruy building) and had a blessing at the little church of Santa Maria a Gradillo and the reception at The Caruso Hotel, still haven't come down to earth yet! All our friends said it was the best wedding they had ever been to!! Enough said!
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