Following your heart or your bank balance??

Hiya Everyone,

I have heard alot of people say they are getting married abroad just to save on money.

Is it just me or are there others who are marrying abroad because this is exactly what they want and it wouldn't matter if it worked out cheaper or more expensive than marrying in the UK?

Also, has an abroad wedding actually managed to save you much?



  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    When I first started wedding planning I did consider marrying abroad as so many people had said it was cheaper, however when I looked into it more, I found that it wasn't really cheaper.

    I felt I couldn't expect for people, including my immediate family, to have to spend out on a 'holiday' simply because I didn't want to spend as much money on the wedding. So yes, it may have been cheaper for me, but the costs would still be there, but being paid for by someone else, which I didnt think was really very fair.

    If I didn't have family to consider, and it was just me and my h2b, then I'd definitely consider marrying abroad a bit more as I'm sure it'd be fab!!
  • I am getting married abroad, the first reason is money, the equivalent of what we are getting in Cyprus would cost three times as much in the UK. The second reason is the location, I HAVE to have the sun on my wedding day, and my other half is the same, we just can't trust the weather in the UK, we are having a very informal relaxed ceremony followed by pics on the beach and a bbq & pool party. I live in Cornwall, in the Uk there aren't any locations more spectacular then where we live BUT I can't trust the weather. Third reason? umm family, I have none (apart from mum, dad and son) and H2B has a huge family mainly in the midlands. He doesn't want a lot of them there, as he doesn't see eye to eye with them, If we were marrying here there wouldn't be a good way to 'uninvite' them, as it is the family he DOES want will be joining us in our huge villa for a week. I started planning about three weeks ago and have seen some amazing weddings on this forum, its too easy to get carried away with spending on loads of extras, the way we're doing it I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything exciting as I really wouldn't want a decorated venue, matching things to people, loads of bridesmaids, fancy invitations, sweetie buffet, chair covers, set three course meals, band and dj in the evening etc etc. Our wedding will be about us and our relationship, and the sun will shine without any worries about whether we can pay it all off
  • I think when we started talking about where to get married we had heard that abroad was cheaper.. and because our family and friends all live so many different places (australia / us / europe / etc) pretty much everyone would have to travel no matter what we did so we thought it was a good idea.. but after now booking it and looking into it its costing us more than what the average uk wedding costs so now its def not because of the money....

    i love the sun and i love holidays and i love my friends and family and would love to spend a whole weekend and even a week with some of them to celebrate in the sun... and all friends and most family have been really excited about it...
  • image I am glad to hear from brides to be who are doing what suits them and their partners!!!

    I am looking forward to our wedding abroad and it is exactly what we want! To be honest it hasn't really worked out much cheaper than a wedding in the UK for us but the money does not bother us in the slightest..

    We are happy that like stickingwithmyname we get to spend our wedding with the family that we really want unlike alot of family members that we would rather not invite and not only that but we get to make two whole weeks of it!

    All of the people we have got coming with us love the idea of mixing our wedding with a fab holiday!

    It really is lovely to hear that not everyone gets married abroad purely to save cash and that you all are having the ready you truely want no matter where that may be image

    Do any of you have any worries about marrying abroad?

    This sounds very petty but my only worry is that they will refuse to let me have my dress as hand luggage..Everything else seems to be sorted perfectly

  • Given the choice I think H2B and I would have gone to somewhere like Sorrento with just pur parents to get married. Unfortunately we both have huge families that we love to bits and wnat to share our day with as well. So we've gone for teh big family do at home.
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    We are marrying in Cyprus, because for us it came down to many reasons.

    1.) I LOVE my holidays and I love the sunshine. I didn't want to be stressing out on the day, on the build up, checking the weather report every 2 minutes. Although there is a risk of bad weather or rain in Cyprus, the chances are a lot less. And plus we are there 2 weeks, so we will have a lot more sunshine than 2 weeks here in the UK.

    2.) We wanted an intimiate, wedding with close friends and family. We didnt want to have to invite an Aunt, or someone we rarely speak to just because they are family. At the end of the day, people spend hundreds on people just for numbers, or just cos they think they should invite them. Not because they really want them there.

    3.) H2B sister had a big lavish grand UK wedding, we wouldnt have been able to have anywhere near the scale or budget they had. We didnt want comparisons, or feel like the poor relations.

    4.) Our Cyprus wedding is probably costing us around the 10k mark, this is for everything - dress, bridesmaids, flowers, reception, church. The average UK wedding costs between 15k and 20k, so yes we are saving money. But we are having everything we want. They quality is high, and we havent scrimped.

    Unfortunately some people I would like there, won't come. But our wedding is about us, me and my h2b getting married. I dont feel that our plans should be comprismised too much for other people. We should have the day we want xxx
  • We are marrying in Vegas next year which is what we both wanted and has nothing to do with the money. We don't feel like we are saving any money going there, due to the cost of flights, hotel and some parts of the wedding package are quite expensive. Our reasons for Vegas are

    1) We both LOVE Vegas. We got engaged there. We feel a wedding there is different to the norm of the UK and that suits our personalities.

    2) We love holidays and want to combine the holiday thing with our wedding and all our friends and family together.

    3) I can be a bit shy and self-concious at times and the thought of the speeches, the first dance etc with 100 pair of eyes watching makes me feel poorly!

    4) We have got a group of 30 going to Vegas and it is our immediate family and closest friends which is all we need and want! We don't have to get involved in inviting loads of people we 'have to' or feel we 'should do' image
  • I completely agree with all of you!!

    Lil2012 - My partner and I feel the same in the fact that when we have looked at other peoples weddings and found it is just not for us...

    Again it is true that it isn't always cheaper! For us our wedding probably will come in a bit cheaper than what it would in the UK but we are definately not missing out on anything! We have so far got everything and exactly what we want!

  • Hi ladies,

    My fiance and i have chosen to marry abroad because when we picture it it's our perfect day. We have a LOT of friends getting married at the moment in the UK and they've all been fantastic weddings but we just felt we wanted something different for ourselves. We have not found it to be any cheaper getting married abroad. Although you have less guests, the food in Italy is not cheap so it tends to still be pretty pricey. We also love going on holiday together and totally cannot wait to have all of our friends and family on holiday with us.
  • First we was getting married aboard then due to my family members i decided to have it in the uk,Me and my h2b booked our wedding over here at a castle in Kent we paid all our deposits for everything, the flowers, chocolate fountains, Magician, lights decor, cars dress everything but then we went bk to Barbados for my h2b nans funeral and I just felt that I shouldn't have a wedding in the uk because of family it should be what me and my h2b wants. He was delighted and we said all we need is us and our daughter, but it has ended up to be alot more as my h2b parents have moved to Barbados now and he has family out there and my parents, sisters, brother etc and his family makes 70 people!!

    I have planned everything again, and it means so much more this time because it's what we both want, cannot wait till 31st July 2012 image
  • That sounds amazing image

    At least it is exactly what you want!
  • We got married abroad because we didn't want to get married in this country, simple as. The money aspect was a bonus.

    We wanted to tie our wedding with a holiday too. We wanted something very very small, and no stress. We did no organising at all. The most organising we did was how to get the families tickets to them, as we lived the other end of the country to them.

    It was perfect in every way.
  • me and my h2b want to get married abroard have done since day 1, my dream is a beach wedding I don't care about the cost but I do know it will b alot cheaper as im my family there's only 5 people but my h2b's family is massive but I haven't even met some of them and we've been together 5 years.

    I know if we got married in the uk most of his family would assume they were coming, there is also the problem that they don't all get get on it would just cost way to much money and I would be stressing trying to plan it and I wouldn't enjoy my day.

    Follow your heart image
  • I'm with the majority here, we're following our hearts (although for the cailbre of wedding we're getting it will work out cheaper too but that's a bonus)! OH proposed to me in Venice and we absolutely adore Italy so it was the natural country for us to get married, we have chosed Positano as our wedding venue.

    Like many of you, the people who are very closest to us will be there (about 17-20 guests), all the extended family that we'd have to invite if we were getting married in this country are out of the picture tooimage

    Essentially for half of the average cost of a UK wedding we're going to be in one of the most beautiful locations we have ever seen with our favourite people for a week not a day.

    I can not see a down side image !!
  • I couldn't imagine anything more perfect to be honest Jenny!!

    Where are you getting those who haven't already mentioned image
  • Me and hubs got married in the Caribbean, 2 years ago. I'm still lurking on here, but I can't keep myself away image
  • We are getting married at the Columbia Beach Resort, Cyprus next August. We got engaged at Aphrodites Beach and so for us, our wedding there is perfect. Like others, I love the sun and my holidays. Also, I have a large family (with it's own in house issues!) and my fiance doesn't see his, so another reason is about guests. My mum unfortunately has not reacted as I had hoped, but is slowly coming round to the idea. I am now 35, so important that it is what we want and not the family! My fiance has also had M.E. for the past 8 years, so a small intimate ceremoy is perfect for us. It has been a stressful few weeks trying to get people on side. I have been faced with some negative reactions about price to go over and some friends have said it is highlly unlikely they wont be able to come. Which is a massive shame, but I guess thats how it goes. Has anyone else had mixed reactions to a destination wedding? x
  • Hiya wills, I think.some people were a bit shocked as I think they presumed we would want a big traditional wedding however we haven't had any kind of negative response, other than the odd extended family member saying it is a shame all.of the family won't be there but that's a choice we have had to make. Your mom will come round was probably just a shock image xx
  • we got married in the seychelles last year and it was perfect,very small wedding,me and my hubbie,our 3 kiddies my mom and dad and mil,just how i wanted it,hubbie did want a church wedding but i would have hated that and it wasnt any cheaper going abroad for us,it cost us a fortune but it was what we wanted image
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