Has everyone chose there dress?

hello, iv just booked our wedding abroad so very excited. I'm really struggling to find a dress though, the one I set my heart on did not look great on. I just want a chiffon flowy dress... I quite like backless dress & just triangle shape over chest. Has everyone got there dresses? Would like to see or if you have any ideas to share....

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  • I bought a dress in the Coast sale as it was just right for an abroad wedding. Dessy bridesmaids dresses are a great idea too as you can get them in Ivory and they have loads of styles and stockists.

    They are around the £200 price mark too so a great buy. If you go on their website you can find stockist near you and look at different dresses in different colours x
  • I thought I wanted a floaty chiffon beach type dres....until I got into a bridal shop lol, now I have decided I want a bit of puff, I wont ever be able to get away with it again and I want to feel like a princess on my big day lol

    I have tried on over 50 dresses tho and not found anything that is right, Im gonig to try on the Alfred Angelo Snow White Disney Princess one saturday so have my fingers crossed its the one!
  • Fingers x'd for you.... Think I definitely want something pretty simple, although would love a proper wedding dress it's just going to me & OH on the beach so something floaty & simple prob best;o)
  • I would have loved a huge big sparkly number but I didn't feel it'd look right on the beach with H2B in a short sleeved shirt, linen trousers and flip flops image

    Also I don't want to be too hot.

    Loads of people get married in big dresses abroad though image
  • I chose a benjamin roberts dress for our vegas dress, I wanted something quite plan, but elegant. Benjamin roberts tia range dress 5011. im not sure how to upload a picture to here.
  • I've got Pronovias Jennifer for our Vegas wedding.

    It's the opposite to what I thought I wanted, so I'm glad I had an open mind image The lady in the shop suggested it, and it was love at first try!
  • I have chosen and ordered my dress, I went for Alfred Angelo 2200 it's not a floaty chiffon dress but not huge either. I don't think a floaty dress would feel like a wedding dress to me and fell in love when i tried it on + it's still quite light so hoping I won't swelter lol
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    I'm having Monte Carlo by Romantica. It's an old season design but exactly what I wanted - chiffon, simple & lightweight but I think still says 'bridal'. I wish I knew how to post pics image

    I'm only having a very small beach wedding as well, (me, OH, our little girl & 8 guests), so wanted a simple dress too but I was struggling to find something that still made me feel like I was wearing a wedding dress.

    Good luck with finding your dress!
  • I can't find pics of my dress other than someone selling it on Ebay (I think it is the same but mine is with the alterations lady so haven't seen it for a month!)


    I have a veil so I'll look more like a bride image
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