What have you planned or booked so far

I am finding it hard toremeber everything you have to do for a wedding i have most things covered i think but still feel like am missing somehtign big, here is what i have planned so far




half of the ladies wedding favours

Mens Favours( well i know what were getting them)

Bridal Dress

bridesmaid dresses

grooms & Best mans Suites

Wedding rings this weekend

Dj ect sorted in middle of booking these

Childrens Goody Bags nealry finished

Invites sent

Wedding shoes


and i have found a florist and booked

Can any one think of anything i havent booked or that i might of totally forgot about its so hard to stay on top of everything while juggling everyday things as well image


  • done:

    all flights

    villa (booked but not completely paid for yet)


    overnight hotels in Gatwick

    swimsuit (this is weirdly a very important part of my arrangements)

    beach bag favours for all the guests

    to do:

    my shoes

    grooms outfit


    book transfers

    pre wedding accomodation

    post wedding accomodation

    book wedding day transport

    book cat and dog in kennels

    book train to gatwick

    I'm working my way through it!
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    Town Hall or Church


    Table Placecards



    Thank You Presents

    I have done pretty much everything now, but without naming everything, I think that might be all? xx
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