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Hi all, I'm just wanting a little advice please, I've been engaged about 3 months now and am planning a 2013 wedding. We always wanted a traditional english wedding, but after months of research, it seems our ideal wedding is out of our budget image

It has been suggested that the two of us go abroad to get married and then have a 'do' when we return. I am willing to consider this if it means the cost would be significantly less.

Would anyone like to share please where you are getting married, who is going with you, how much you are paying and what's included, so I can finally make my mind up and hopefully reduce my stress levels.

Thanks so much xx


  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    We are getting married next May in Paphos, Cyprus. Our ceremony is in church, followed by a reception at Vasilias.

    We will have with us about 30 close friends and family. We wont be having a do when we get home xx
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    We are getting married in Rhodes, Greece next September. Our ceremony is in a little chapel and we are having the reception in the hotel. We are taking out about 34 close friends and family.

    We will be throwing a party when we get back otherwise we could have a few people throwing a paddy!! image
  • I think if you go abroad you have to be really careful about who you invite - the main reason it is cheaper is because guests have to pay for themselves!!! If you go abroad i'd just invite the closest freinds and family as I think it's a big ask asking people to spend hundreds / thousands to go to your wedding and also to take holiday for it. So I'd def say have the reception when you get back home. If you want lots of people to go to your wedding then you can get married cheaply in the UK. It depends what is important to you, either your friends and family all being at your wedding, or having all the nicities.
  • We're getting married in Las Vegas and there'll be 28 of us altogether, which is family and closest friends. We've booked a wedding package at The Bellagio which includes basic flowers (which I'll prob have to upgrade), music and the photographer. Then we are taking everyone for a drinks reception and meal. For us it is definately not a cheap do especially when you factor in the flights, hotel and spending money, but we always wanted to marry abroad with the nearest and dearest so we are getting what we want which is the main thing.

    If you have your heart set on a traditional wedding at home have you thought about seeing if your venue offers discounts for an out of season or a week day wedding? I've read alot of stories of people saving ££££ just for picking a less popular date. It might also give you room for haggling with the cost of catering. Just an idea! image
  • We are getting married in Cuba in January and are going alone then having a party when we get back. This is mostly due to it being cheaper this way and less fuss.

    The holiday is costing us £3k and then about £200 for the wedding.

    We have added 100 digital photos and I've booked a hair dresser which is around an extra £200.

    The party when we get back will cost around £500 for venue (village hall), DJ and decorations. We aren't doing a buffet just sweets and cakes image

    Hope this helps
  • Hi I'm getting married Rhodes may 2012 the cost of 2 weeks stay for both of us and our 2 girls in 5 star ai at Holliday village is 2600 then 400 for wedding need to add on for photos meal and translation entertainment transport about 500 there is 25 of us going then having do when we get back we picked Greece its lovely not to far for people to travel such as mil also cheaper for guest than further away our friends haven't felt they have had to come but also looked at it as having holiday and spending our special day with us x
  • Quoted:
    I think if you go abroad you have to be really careful about who you invite - the main reason it is cheaper is because guests have to pay for themselves!!!

    No, the main reason it's cheaper is that you invite less people in the first place image

    We're getting married in Cyprus at the St Pauls Pillar church and reception at Elea. We've got about 50 people coming and all togther it's costing about £8.5k (this budget also includes my dress/suits/3 course sit down meal and open bar)

    We're not having a party when we get home, we're going abroad to keep it simple and invite only our very close family and friends so to have a party and invite more people kinda defeats the object for us image
  • lorasoloraso Posts: 17
    Normally the reason it is cheaper is because you invite less guests!

    It would work out cheaper for you but if that's the only reason you want to get married abroad then it might not be the write thing for you.
  • Hi,

    I'm new on here We are going to Cuba oct 2012 not sure on final numbers as guests are paying for there holiday thereselves .

    2 weeks all inclusive hotel with wedding package for 2 adults and 2 children , upgraded rooms and up graded seats = £3123

    My Guest holiday comes to 814 per adult for 2weeks all inc and children 699

    We have to pay around £200 for legal reasons for wedding docs etc but thats all our package includes extra suitcase for wedding garments , horse and carriage , minsiter , brides bouqet and button holes , Cake , wine , Dinner for wedding party , decoration of location , 24 pictures . Im told you can upgrade if you wish when there for a meal on the beach and more pictures etc and there is a choice of ceremony locations image
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