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Italy wedding planner recommendation - I'm so happy!!

Hello Ladies

I just wanted to share my wedding abroad news and offer a recommendation for anyone hoping to marry in Tuscany.

After a 3.5 yrs engagement and 2 children we have finally booked our wedding for 7th June 2012.

We have booked a gorgeous villa in Montepulciano which sleeps 30 people (our closest family and friends) and get married in the local town (Torrita Di Siena) then back to the villa for a big party, lots of fizz and food.

All very low key, grecian style dress, flat sandals, fresh flowers bought from the market and our favourite songs on the iPod!!

I hoped to organise myself but quickly realised that the only way to marry in Italy is to use a planner (unless u speak fluent Italian) After contacting approx 15 companies I chose to go with Jackie at Marry Me in Tuscany.

She's an English lady who lives in Siena. It honestly feels like my friend is organising it for me. Can't praise her enough (so far, lol) and she will be our interpreter for the ceremony making it even more special.

I hope this helps someone hoping to marry in Tuscany as I really struggled to get started.



  • Lozzy - congrats on your wedding! Really hate to say this but we used Jackie and she was fine (ish) up til the wedding then sooo many things went wrong on the day. She was totally unprofessional, we didn't get everything we had paid for, plus lots of other things went wrong...some small, some more significant. But of course by the time the wedding day is there, you have paid in full!! image If you can, get out now! x
  • lozzy55lozzy55 Posts: 13
    Hi MissTuscany

    Thanks for your honest reply. I have to say I am really shocked. I am getting such a good service at the moment but that's not to say it will last.

    We are only using the planner for the organisation of the ceremony (as I don't speak Italian) everything else we have/are organising ourselves. Just a party at the self catered villa we have already booked.

    Well, only time will tell. Surely there aren't too many things that could go wrong at the ceremony?!

    Huge congrats on your wedding too! Bet it feels lovely to be a married lady image

  • Yeah it is lovely being married...we're totally smitten!

    We too only used Jackie for the ceremony and some small basic planning bits, and she still managed to mess it up for us. Sounds like she is doing slightly less for you though, so i have my fingers crossed for you.

    have a fab wedding we don't chat again x
  • lorasoloraso Posts: 17
    Hi Lozzy,

    When I read this post one thing worried me. You said that this planner is going to translate for you? I was always told that the translator has to be an officially recognised one. So maybe you should cheack this with your wedding planner.

    All the best

  • I did read this some were but its not in all cases as my wedding planner is also being are translator on are wedding day although are priest speaks good english.
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