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aliathon holiday village

hi just wondered if anybody has or is planning on staying at the aliathon holiday village in cyprus whilst getting married. just trying to work out things such as distance to paphos town hall have twin boys so would like the hotel to have enough to keep them enteratined yet still be on the grown up size. pic in brochure and on web look amazing but having trouble finding reviews for the hotel

thanks claire


  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    There are loads of reviews on Trip Advisor? Have you not looked there, literally loads!!!

    I have been there, not stayed there. Thought it was lovely, and if I had kids then I would definitely go. You can marry outside the little white chapel, or in the gardens. Its near lots of other hotels, and probably about 20 minutes walk to Paphos Town Hall, or a short car journey. xxx
  • thanks so much i'll make sure to have a look at 'trip advisor' glad its appropriate for kids as much as the holiday is abut getting married need something for the kids

    thanks again
  • The Aliathon is a great hotel for kids, Claire. Paphos Town Hall is a good 15 minute car ride away in town. Whilst you can have your marriage ceremony at the Aliathon you will have the extra charges to pay for the registrar to come out to you.
  • hi thanks for the reply glad to hear that the hotel is good for kids as much as you read about it, its always nice when somebody reassures you. we've got transport arranged within our wedding package so thats taken care of 15min isnt too bad for or any guests that choose to stay in the same hotel

    thanks for the help

  • Hi I left there a week ago today. My kiddies loved and so did we.

    Has so much to do as well as being pretty close to most thing. Im not sure where the paphos town hall is so cant help on that one.
  • thatnks for the post nice to speak to someone whos actually been there was it still adulty enough if you get my meaning everything wasnt just about the kids was it? did you get married there? or did you happen to see any weddings happening there?

  • Hi Hun,

    Yes it is aimed at adults too,you even have an adult only bar lol.

    I never got married there i got married at the town hall down the road and had my reception at Fiesta (which you can walk to) it had loads of kids toys etc to keep my 2 little ones entertained while we ate etc.

    There was a wedding there everyday of our 10 day weddingmoon. Very popular

  • We were there in august, fab place especially for kids! The little chapel there is lovely. We saw 2 weddings in the 10 days we were there. It is quite child focused however there's an adults only pool and an adults only bar where they serve the best cocktails in the hotel.

    Hope that helps x
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