Any Cyprus brides on a smallish budget? Help?

Hi guys, hope everyones planning is going well.

I am getting married in Paphos in June and my budget that i previously had, is no longer. I am now on a tight budget of preferably under 5k which includes everything apart from my dress!


Can this be done? I am worrying that its just not possible!

What is the average price of providing a reception after the ceremony? I want to give a small round of drink etc and an evening meal in a resturant.

Thanks guys xx


  • hi i'm getting married in paphos on the 10th may 2013, wer're getting married at paphos town all then going onto the harbour restaurant for a meal its £35 per head but you get i think its 2 glasses of champagne included and they decorate the table for you we're hoping to stay at the aliathon holiday village as we have twin boys who'll need entertaining. we've booked through the bridal consultant. we have a flower package a reasonable photo package and transport that will pick up all our guest whichever hotel they are at take theme to the town hall then take everyone onto the reception we'r making favours, invites etc ourselves my dress isnt included but everything else is and its totally about £5,500 at the moment.

    you can book travel and hotel arrangements with this wedding planner but we've found it to be cheaper through highstreet travel agents.

    the bridal consultant is brilliant she has set packages but your allowed to mix and match so you can swap bits from one to another obviously this alters the price but if something is less important to you it really helps.

    the bridal consultant is on holiday for the next two weeks though so if you do get in touch and she doesnt respond she will as soon as they are back in the office.

    good luck hope this was some help

  • Just want to say I am using the bridal consulatant as well, although not in Cyprus, and agree with Claire, it is a great experienced company who have been nothing but helpful to me so far! image
  • Hey

    My budget started at about 4/5k but it now seems to be spiralling out of control and more like 6k.....starting to worry arrrrgggghhhh image i guess we do have over 18 months to go. The reception after the ceremony does seem more expensive than i first thought, im been quoted about 35 per head also

    fingers crossed i can bring it back down.

    Good luck xx
  • i've looked at a few different reception options in paphos and to be honest they are all roughly around the £35 mark i have found that hotels tend to be even more on time i'm waiting to hear back from a few others so i'll post if they turn out to be any cheaper

    good luck with the rest of your plans

  • EmsBuddyEmsBuddy Posts: 280
    Thank you everyone for your replys.

    We have gone direct with the hotel we are staying in as they dont offer any fees for planning and they have a fantastic reputation.

    We are struggling with reception ideas now, do we have it in the hotel or at a nice resturant overlooking the harbour? Does anybody know which will work out cheaper?

    I hate having to budget for my big day but there is no other way around it unfortunately. I really want to provide my guests with a fab day aswell as celebrate our marriage.
  • Hi

    I am a Cyprus Bride July 2012, i have been going to Paphos for the last 10 yrs so know the place well.

    My wedding ceremony is at St Pauls Pillar then onto Vasilias Nikoklis Inn.

    If your looking at restaurants based places have a look at Siennas, Ficardos, Goosefat and Garlic, these are all fab places with big reputations so you wont be dissapointed.

    Harbour is nice for pics but the restaurants arent what i would want for a wedding.

    Hope this helps, if you need info on cake, photographer,dj, flowers, make up and hair let me know

  • How many guests are you having?

    We've got 48 guests and our budget is about £9k but that's including my dress, all the suits, a 3 course meal and an open bar, photographer, transport, dj, everything really - so I think yours is totally doable with a meal and one round of drinks

    We've booked via Linda at Paphos Total Weddings and she's been great, you could get in touch with her and see where she suggests?
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