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Wedding Insurance for weddings abroad - pre existing conditions


Does anyone have any recommendations for weddings abroad insurance providers?

Also, my mum recently suffered breast cancer, is it possible to get insurance which will cover in the event of the cancer returning and us being unable to go to Cyprus for the wedding because of this?

Thanks for any advice

Leanne x


  • We've booked wedding insurance with Wedding Plan, I don't know if your situation would be covered but it would be worth calling them to ask
  • hey hunny

    ive done mine through a website call

    it was £32 and that covering quite alot.

    so pretty good take a look

  • Hi ladies

    Thank you both SO much for your help. I will look into both of them. xx
  • Hi Leanne

    I booked mine thru ecclesiastical out of them all the reviews said these pay out and also when the ash cloud happened they were they only wedding insurance to cover it.

    I did quite alot of research and found on calling john lewis, wedding plan, e&l these didnt.

    I havent paid a cheap premium mind its roughly around £76 but you can mix and match policies

  • Most quality Wedding insurance policies should cover pre existing medical conditions, although some of the cheaper ones may exclude them altogether.

    There should be some questions relating to medical conditions in the purchase process, usually you will have to answer these in respect to the bride and groom AND anyone else whom the wedding relies on and getting married would be inappropriate without them e.g. bride's father.

    In terms of medical conditions themselves usually if they are stable and well controlled they should be covered by the policy, simply because you do not envisage having to cancel the wedding due to them at this point in time.

    However, if someone is undergoing investigation or had recent treatment for a condition, this is likely to be excluded from cover at this point in time.

    Generally if someone didn't meet the medical questions on our policy, we would invite them to call us to see if we could see if underwriters would agree to cover a particular condition.

    As with all insurance policies we would suggest that reading the policy wording is the best place to start.

    Hope that helps.
  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109
    I've looked into wedding insurance for people with medical condition and found it a bit of a minefield.

    Much the same as travel insurance, I get told 'oh yes, we cover for that' but when I ask for it to be put in writing they are unwilling. Maybe some less serious problems will be covered but my HTB has a serious chest problem and it's really hard to get insured.
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