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Wedding car help for Italy Wedding

Hi everyone

Am getting married June 2012 in florence and have most things sorted apart from my wedding car.

we are looking for somehtign either quirky or vintage we quite like the beetle camper vans or the old beetle cars but we cant seem to find one in florence could any one help us

we only need the car to take us from the church to the venue which is only a 10min drive away so only really need it for say about 1hour to allow for pics can any one recommend some were or help us at all



  • Can any one help looking for a vintage wedding car for wedding in may in Sorrneto, can any one help with contact names etc? also we are getting married at the cloisters any tips or advice
  • poppypower - did you get in touch with the company i used? (sorry if you already told me!)x
  • did you have the fiat vintage if so then yes but the company no longer have the cars in Italy when i contacted them x
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