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hair and make-up trial...

We're getting married in Las vegas in May 2012, so my hair and make-up is being done by the stylists over there. Ive arranged with my usual hair-dresser to play about with idea's here 1st (so I could decide on tiara, hair accessories etc) was planning on taking photo's and taking them with me to show stylists there.

I hadn't thought about make-up trial over here 1st? are you all getting make-up trials done here before your weddings abroad, so you know what you want?



  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908

    I am a Cyprus bride. Doing the same as you for hair. My hairdresser here only charging me £20 for a trial. Doing it the same day as I go to try my dress on again, so for me this is a must to see if I like the hair style I have in my head. However, the ladies I have doing my hair in Cyprus are amazing and I am not worried at all.

    In regards to a make up trial, I may go to a counter, to get something done, mainly to treat myself to a few more bits of make up but nothing serious. I know roughly what I would like and I am having a trial when in Cyprus anyway xxx
  • I'm a Vegas bride too image I am planning on doing the same as you with my hair. Going to go to my usual hairdresser for a trial and take lots of photos to show the salon in Vegas.

    As for make up I'm pretty sure I'm going to do my own. I've recently been to a MAC counter and had a make up lesson/makeover. It lasted an hour and a half and cost £50 but I got a £50 voucher to put towards any make up I bought! I was so impressed with the make over. I thought my usual make up was ok but this was fantastic! I stocked up so I can practice over the next few months and afterwards I will have all the make up to keep. I'm sure this would be a good way of trying out some looks and you can take photos afterwards so you can show the stylist. A lot of make up artists use MAC so they might even be able to recreate it with similar stuff! x
  • I am going to have a make up trial with my friend (she does great make up) and will take pics.

    I am a bit confused about what happens when you get someone to do your make up though. Do you take your own products? Or do they have some there?

    I have free wedding make up in my wedding package (in Cuba) so will use the service but not sure what to expect.

    In regards to hair I have no idea other than I'd want it up and I have a tiara (quite big and princessy) and a veil so my hair won't really show.
  • I've got a friend who works for MAC so I think I may pull a favour in image, I'll ask her to do a trial for me, see how it goes, and take some pictures.

    As far as the question goes about the artists having their own make-up - I think so (and hope so - as mine isn't fab!!), I'll maybe take a couple of my favourite things and any MAC items I can get from my friend with me.

    I was also planning on getting my hair trial done on the morning of my dress fitting, then it gives a good overall idea doesnt it!! My goodness its getting exciting - still got 6month to go, but its getting closer 24th may!!
  • tonixxx1tonixxx1 Posts: 339
    i got married in vegas in july this year, if you send me a private message i can advise you both on hairdressers make up artists and things over in las vegas? x
  • Hi vegas brides to be...

    I am a vegas bride and i used a ladie called lori white for hair and make up , shes a mobile and would come to your room. she was fab!

    if anyone wants her details just let me know
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