Thomas Cook Wedding dresses onboard the plane

Hello girls,

We are getting married in Cuba at the end of May 2012. I have read that you can't take your dress onboard the plane. I was planning to get a box and take it onboard, as i'm not keen on it going on the hold

What is everyone else doing or can you take them onboard?




  • We are also booked with Thomas cook. I'm using my hand-luggage allowance to carry my dress. The shop I have bought my dress from is packing it for me, so hopefully shouldnt crease to badly.

    My cousin got married in cyprus 2yrs ago and she used one of the dress-bags. I think you can get one that is the correct size for thomas cook allowances.
  • If you purchase a box from 'The Empty Box Company', they do lots of different designs & colours that fit TC's overhead locker space. It may seem a small dimension to other airlines, but if your dress is packed correctly, you shouldn't have any creases as such. Mine came out of the box the same way it went in - Perfect image
  • Those who have used a box, how did you get it back in the other end! Is it easily done? image
  • Thanks guys, thats what I was thinking about doing. I just didn't want to get to the airport to find out i couldn't do that.
  • Where abouts in cuba are you getting married bootroom bride ? I'm also a cuba bride but not untill october 2012 you will have to let me know how you got on out there im sure it will be perfect ! image
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