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Florist - Paphos Cyprus


  • Hi

    I am using Paris @ enchanted her website is really personal preference to what brides have asked for. I met with them in October just been and i was impressed by there was shown through their albums and even there flowers.

    Truth be told you wont find a better florist she is the one everyone uses from.brides going direct, wedding planners and all the tour operators.

    The flowers she has on the website are nothing to how i want mine having had a consulation they know exactly what i am after.

    Paris is highly thought of and so is her work also and i must say other florists were not as good with the quality of flowers etc that i had looked at.

  • dee2ukdee2uk Posts: 635 New bride
    Hi there

    I think Paris has a really good reputation out there, and i have a couple of people that i speak to in Paphos image. If you have thought of taking silk flowers with you, that obviously will not wilt in the heat,and you can keep, please let me know and i will be happy to give you my web address and provide a free consulation.
  • Hey, not to worry.

    Send her or your planner pics of what you want and she will do that.

    I went with how i wanted my bouquet, bridesmaid and tables centres told her what i liked i love avalanche roses the huge ones, and hydrangeas so having a mix.

    You may find alot just go for basic posies and alot do look like that but having been to her shop they do alot out of the box cypriot brides weddings are very big, flash and grand so she caters for everything. She has an arch, lanterns etc

  • I don't think Paris' website is very up-to-date. Paris and I work on many of the same weddings and I am continually impressed with her designs and creations. Just last week we did a wedding and Paris had used the most amazing flowers even I hadn't seen before - the arrangements were stunning. Her style develops all the time. Just thinking back over this year I remember hearts of flowers floating in a swimming pool, trailing arrangements on one of the boats that were over 10 feet tall... wow...
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