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Any one booked with thomas cook and now very worried ?

Me and h2b have the worst luck in the world !!!! Im now really worried that thomas cook will go under and affect our wedding !!

Im a proper stress head at the moment ! image


  • I'm not too worried (yet) but I reckon it's going to be a long wait till the wedding worrying over whether flights, accommodation, venues etc will go bust. It's such a difficult time and noone can say for sure what will happen. We are getting married in santorini so have worried over the euro and our flights are with Thomas cook we've just got everything crossed. We have booked flights on credit card so I think that gives us some protection. We're flying from manchester and so will our guests but i think thy might wait a bit before booking now. Have you booked your whole wedding package with them? X
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    I've booked the whole package with them which apparently is atol protected. Dont know exactly what that means though. Is it worth getting holiday insurance to cover it? (obvs will get this nearer the time anyway) really not sure how we can fully protect ourselves against this happening. Any advice would be very welcome x
  • I have booked both the package holiday and actual wedding with Thomas cook and am completely panicking. the package holiday is atol protected and if TC goes under it is covered but the actual wedding may not be that's over a grand just gone and we are on a fairly tight budget to start with and can't possibly afford to rebook the wedding through someone else. Plus some of our family and friends have booked and paid not through TC and we booked our reception separate and deposit is non refundable so even if we get the money back have to have the exact same date. I think I'm going to have to go instore and speak to someone I am worried sick now image
  • We have booked the whole thing through thomas cook - so have our guests ! before this news i was in a dispute with them as i wanted to get married in november and they lied and said they were not flying from london in the winter just to get a sale from me that day and ment i had to book october - Lucky the travel agent has admited he did tell me this so they have it from the horses mouth so to speak - as such they are looking at compo or letting me and my guests cancel and get the deposits back .

    Now i dont know what to do if you had the chance to cancel , get your money back and re-book else where would you take it ?
  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    Dont worry - read this:

    From BBC News

    Kevin Peachey Personal finance reporter, BBC News

    While Thomas Cook's announcement is worrying for investors, there is no need for holidaymakers to share the same level of concern.

    Anyone booked for an overseas package holiday with Thomas Cook is covered under the Air Travel Organisers' Licensing (Atol) scheme.

    This means that even in the worst case scenario - that the company goes bust when holidaymakers are away - customers on package deals are flown home without incurring extra expense. Those who have not already left for their holiday are refunded.

    Holiday bookings should also be honoured if there is a takeover.

    But, at present, with Thomas Cook in talks with banks, customers need not do anything, and the company has urged those with bookings not to worry.

    However, people who have only booked a flight with the company will not be covered by the Atol scheme and are advised to buy suitable travel insurance.

    Thomas Cook says though that flights bought in its own stores are still Atol protected.

    Full article on
  • gemz1985gemz1985 Posts: 174
    welshgrace even if you took out holiday insurance now for the purpose of covering you if they go bust you wouldnt be covered as you took out the policy after they had gone into difficulty. I also think but am not sure if you are covered by ATOL you need to claim through that and not your insurance. We had a holiday cancelled a few years ago when excell went bust we were covered by ATOL but will warn you it took about ten months before we got the money back.
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    It's good to know that we would get our money back (even if it does take a while) but I really would

    rather be able to go on honeymoon just after our wedding. The only reason were getting married in peak season is so that we could have a 2 week honeymoon in the summer hols and have time to get back to normal after (I'm a teacher-may as well take advantage of the long break image )

    Fingers crossed all will be ok x
  • In the evening standard it had a article saying you should make sure you have travel insurance and pay by visa or credit card ! obvo they dont want you to panick and cancell holidays but i carnt help but think the worst ! and if it happend out there and i got flown home would be ruin the wedding ! Also wouldnt want to wait ages for atol to refund me ! Im a student nurse so been hard enough getting time off once around let alone a few times lol image
  • I have a ski holiday booked through thomas cook.. me and my h2b booked it nearly a year ago.

    we both know its atol protected and we would get a full refund ( eventually) but the thought on not being able to go away, after a rubbish year and being worked ragged its literally heartbreaking!

    fingers crossed!!
  • 3/4 of our USA wedding trip is booked through them, all our flights and 1 out of our 3 hotels (multi-city trip), I must admit it has caused me a bit of concern, but we only paid a deposit of £300 so far, rest is due in february for May trip, I think we will know by then if they are going under.

    we are actually flying on other airlines (TC just the agent) so I think i will speak to BA, virgin and US airlines to verify our position on the flights (ive got all flight details), just to double check if I could confirm the flights directly. I need to have a plan B in place as its a big trip (san fran, vegas then LA) so i need to have all the flights in place....

    I booked hotels in san fran and LA myself as TC didnt have the choices I wanted but Las Vegas hotel is through them, luckily the wedding I booked seperately direct with the chapel.
  • the agent is TC but the confirmations say crystal ski.. which is thomson...not thomas cook... hmmm i've paid in full so technically thomas cook should have handed over my money to the flight company and hotel.. but i guess just because thats logical doesn't mean is actually happened!!

    very worried..!
  • Quoted:
    welshgrace even if you took out holiday insurance now for the purpose of covering you if they go bust you wouldnt be covered as you took out the policy after they had gone into difficulty.

    This, you need to take out wedding insurance before you make any payments, if you do it retrospectively you probably won't be covered, it's a bit like trying to take out medical insurance for a pre-existing condition, you wouldn't be covered
  • Dan0109Dan0109 Posts: 114
    Yes!!! Although I haven't booked my actual wedding through them. I'd say get wedding insurance!

    Not to frighten you but I had my holiday with Thomas cook and two months ago they cancelled my flight, me and 15 guests, they have transferred me to a Thomson flight in Birmingham (I live in London) but at least we get there all my guests have had to find other arrangements!

    But they did offer a full refund. Still a pain thou!

    Hopefully they don't go bust!
  • I booked my wedding in Jamaica with TC back in January and have the balance to pay in 2 weeks and i am in two minds about paying it!!!!

    I apreciate that TC are saying not to worry but it is very difficult, especially when I phoned the my local branch and they guy i spoke to was as much use as a chocolate fire gaurd!!! I have regreted booking through TC since February and this has just added to my regret!!!! Our flights are through BA, so i am phoning them to find out our position and have been in contact with our wedding planner in Jamaica to find out our position.

    I have the added stress that 2 of our friends that are travelling out with us have booked independently, so if the worst comes to the worst and TC go down we will get our money back, but they wont and they get married in June!!!!!

  • I have my honeymoon to Cape Verde booked through TC but a friend of mine works for them and she has already told me not to panic, it is just the media making scaremongering!
  • I have just contacted BA (with whom my flights are with) and they have assured me that if we get a ticket number whe we pay our balance, our flights will be guaranteed. Just waiting to hear from our hotel about the wedding and accomodation!!!

    I would def suggest getting in touch with your flight provider for further information

    Hope this helps xx
  • My honeymoon is booked through Thomas Cook, so ironic as we avoided booking through an online agent that we'd never heard of, thinking Thomas Cook would be safer!

    I know we're ATOL protected but we've been through this before with Excel Airways and it's not as good as it seems

    It took a year to get our money refunded, and then we had to rebook our holiday at a higher price and from Gatwick airport instead of Manchester (so had a long drive down) because it would have been even MORE expensive to go from Manchester. All in all it ended up costing about £300 more than our original plans, we have travel insurance but it doesn't cover these additional costs. I've also checked my wedding insurance and that doesn't seem to cover it either!

    We got a really good deal with Thomas Cook so I reckon we'll end up paying more if we have to rebook with someone else.. ARGH
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