Watch out when choosing a wedding planner!?

I am a wedding planner and I'm fed up with some planners taking commission from venues and suppliers to recommend clients.

I don't think this is a fear way of making money, i Also belive that this stops Planners being impartial. It's difficult to know if the planner istaking commission but one sign is how much they charge you. If their charging you very little to plan your whole wedding then chances are their earn else where from commission. Lots of venues offer 10% to 20% commission back to the planner so the client would pay the normal price then the venue would give 10% to 20% back to the planner.

One example of this is I once had a client who choose not to book with me because they had found a planner who would plan the wedding for half the price I would do and was offering to pay legal fees! I tried to explain that this was to cheap and this planner was more then likely earning else where from commistion or by inflating the prices given to them by suppliers.

Unfortunately the client choose to go with the the other company. I later found out that they had paid ???????20 per person extra on the venue so ???????1200 more then they would have paid if they booked with me!

My advise is if it sounds to cheap then it probably is!!

You could call the venues up yourselfs and cheak the prices, most venues speak English. Also ask another company to price up the venue for you so you can compare.
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