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Hey all,

I'm new here, been engaged since June and just started to get serious about wedding planning.

At first we were going to go for the traditional church then manor house reception, however we just really do not want to spend £20,000+ on one day, I know its the biggest day, but the date kept getting moved further away to give us extra time to save.

Then I saw (try not to laugh) Mamma Mia last night (!) and TOTALLY adored her wedding.

I said to my fianc????, shall we do that, run away to italy or france and do it? He jumped on board straight away!!

Anyway... I was wondering if anyone knew of a place in Italy, like a big villa or something, where we can have a garden wedding, outdoor dinner and dancing and stay there the night?

There's so many websites that I get so overwhelmed!!

Thanks for any help image

Kim xx


  • I fell in love with the Mamma Mia wedding too! When i saw it I knew that i wanted a similar type of wedding. It wasn't exactly like it, but some of the parts were similar. Our reception was held in a restaurant terrace in the lemon groves overlooking the sea.

    We got married on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, where I'm sure you will find the sort of venue you want.I don't have access to any good photos on this computer, but these might give you an idea.The hotel/restaurant is the locanda Costa Diva.

    Ravello may be a good place to look for a villa type venue. They have places like villa cimbrone (although this does look quite expensive) or villa eva where you can get married in the gardens and have the reception there too.

    Near Positano there is hotel tritone, where you could get married in a cave on the cliffs
  • Hi Kim,

    I LOVE Mamma Mia!

    My Fiance and I are getting married in Sorrento, Italy at the end of May. We have chosen Villa Antiche Mura to get married in. Although you cannot stay there the owner of the venue also owns Hotel Antiche Mura which is not far down the road. There are also lots of different accommodation possibilities too if you wanted to stay in a different hotel. We visited in September 2010 and loved it. It does work out slightly more expensive than getting married in a hotel in Sorrento since you have to pay for the hire of the villa as well as the food per head (we found most hotels will only charge you per guest only and do not charge a hire fee on top) but the whole villa is totally exclusive and it's right on the cliff so you get fantastic views. Any questions let me know ximage
  • Have you ever considered Venice and the Veneto region? You can find villa restaurants from 80 euro for a typical Italian dinner. Here an example:
  • Melbe2Melbe2 Posts: 2

    Take a look at Sicily, it has such beautiful venues. If you need a planner I know a company that can help you.

  • Hi, We're boutique wedding planning specialist. Delighted to help you from the Northen lakes to Sounth of Italy. Give a look This is one of our weddinng. visit our web site at
  • Hi

    Know exactly where you're coming from. We were doing the same thing and realised we were going to end up inviting a lot of people that we weren't really bothered about being at the wedding it was more out of politeness so we took a little trip out to italy last may and decided on ravello, on the amalfi coast. We're still doing the church wedding and then having the reception at Villa Eva. The grounds are gorgeous, they have a huge big gazebo type area for the meal so if the weathers good you're outside but if it turns bad they have these huge folding glass doors.

    have a look at the website

    it's expensive to book it for a weekend wedding but we're using the jubilee double bank holiday and getting married on the monday which brings down the costs.

    we're using a Ravello Events to help us organise the paperwork side of things which has been a godsend. their web page is Rosaria has been fab and they aren't costing the earth either.

    Hope this helps

    Good luck with the planning
  • hi all


    anyone book Villa Eva?

    I am after some advice


  • MeMeMeMeMeMe Posts: 7

    Here's a place for you in Italy.  It's a country villa with a picturesque view, sleeps 8+, and since it's newly opened, they are very affordable.

    Best of luck!

  • We're getting married in La Preghiera on the Tuscan /Umbrian border next May- the venue sleeps about 30 and there's accommodation nearby for as many more as you may need hill large houses or on farmhouse B&Bs. 

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    Hi There

    I'm a destination wedding planner living in Ravello (Italy) , so I'll be more than glad to assist anyone who wish to get married in our area. Please email me directly if you prefer at [email protected] 

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