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Have I made a mistake!

After reading the post of "Help getting married in cyprus 2009", I think I might of a made a mistake booking the wedding co -ordinator with a tour operator! Listening to what you have all said arranging your own planner from cyprus sounds so much better, I mean I don't really know whats happening 100% with mine I've booked the holiday with Thomas cook to stay in the Mayfair Hotel in paphos , and i've secured a deposit for the town hall, since then they have sent me out a not so good put together list of things I can have on the day ie flowers, cars etc...., with only estimated prices on then basically just left me in the dark as to what happens next!


  • JJJuk1JJJuk1 Posts: 22
    I subitted that to early by mistake!, Does anyone know if it to late to change now so that I could arrange my own planner,as I said above I've only secured the town hall at the moment, I haven't actually booked anything for the day ???

  • Gracie2006ukGracie2006uk Posts: 163
    Hi Amanda,

    I don't know whether I can be of much help but thought i would reply as no one else has as yet.

    I'm sure you could cancel but I think that you may lose your deposit that you have paid. As I found out today Tour Operators don't really seem to care all they worry about is securing the booking and after that your pretty much left to your own devices but some tour operators (if you are very lucky) are quite good and very caring.

    if you think that a wedding organiser would suit you better then go for it hun.

    Keep me updated how you get on.

  • I too have booked my wedding in Paphos through Thomas Cook. I managed to obtain the email address of the wedding co-ordinator out in Paphos and she has been really helpful answering all of my questions. Her email address if you wanted to contact her is [email protected]

    It is wise to check what time your wedding has been booked for as we had asked Thomas Cook for a late afternoon wedding but when the wedding co-ordinator came back to us it had actually been booked in for 1pm and we therefore asked for this to be changed which thankfully they were able to do and it is now at 4pm

    However, I do also wish that I had not booked my wedding through them as it is easy enough to sort most things yourself. I have booked my flowers and photos with Wedding Belles out in Paphos, they were recommended on this site and also the Paphos Post. There prices were really reasonable and they seem very professional.

    I have also contacted the hotel direct to discuss where to hold the wedding (as we are getting married at our hotel) and also to arrange the reception.

    Hope this helps.
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    I would agree with Sarah I think it's a great experience to organise it yourself & would make the wedding all more important as you have done the groundwork, so go ahead * enjoy it if you need help just post questions on these forums & you will be sorted ok

  • sarah_jane77uksarah_jane77uk Posts: 1,421

    We are getting married Cyprus 2008 and are organising most of it ourselves, it was important to us to know that exact date and time of our wedding long before the date and some tour operators dont tell you that.... Also I love the fact that we have control over our wedding and am able to select things that we want rather than the tour company, this has not only allowed us to have the wedding we want but has quite honestly saved us hundreds. besdies which it's great fun to do, you will find alot of help on this forusm and if you get stuck try Kerry at Aisle of Love she has been fantastic (although I think she only does east coast)
  • EveCyprusEveCyprus Posts: 46
    As you have paid a deposit, you can look at the option of keeping your wedding booking with the tour company and then using a local wedding planner to book extras, some wedding planners dont charge and fee for arranging extras only. That way you are not paying for 2 planners, you have the holiday company who will book your wedding date adn advise you legally all of your paperwork and a weddingplanner who will do everything else ie photos, flower, beauty.

    Let me know an email adress if you would like more info on how we work when offering extras only service

    Cyprus Eve
  • vickiexxvickiexx Posts: 273
    Hi Cyprus Eve

    I have booked my wedding through Thomas Cook minus the extras. My email address is [email protected]

    I need to organise flowers/photographer and hair and am researching things now

    I'm getting married Sept this year

    thanks vickie xx
  • JOMAukJOMAuk Posts: 172
    Hi Vickie,

    I have just returned from my wedding in Limassol Cyprus!!

    I can promise you, your day will better if you use a wedding co-ordintor over in Cyprus,if you have already booked through a travel agent, dont worry!

    You dont have to use there services for extras...You will be better if you use an independant like Eve...

    Eve was our comfort blanket and made our day extra special, Eve was there for us all the way,Thankyou Eve!

    Please read JO*JO1 in newlyweds, then you will know what i mean and you can see her!

    Yes Eve i got you lol!

    Jo xxx
  • EveCyprusEveCyprus Posts: 46
    Thanks Joanne

    I never knew you went paragliding, your both crazy, did you keep your dress on. thanks for your feed back, i like the idea of being a comfort blanket!!! x eve x
  • JJJuk1JJJuk1 Posts: 22
    Hi cypruseve, my email is [email protected] if you could e mail with some prices and how it works would be great, thanx amanda
  • JJJuk1JJJuk1 Posts: 22
    sorry that e mail adress is wrong i forgot the dot!, its [email protected] x
  • ceegeeukceegeeuk Posts: 22
    Am glad I read this item! I have made the huge mistake of booking through 1st choice & they are utterly useless & very unfriendly. I wish I hadn't bothered. We are getting married in October at Yeroskipou TH & staying at the Athena Beach hotel in Paphos. I am going to try & organise flowers, transport, reception etc myself. However, does anyone know how easy it is to get around Paphos to sort these things out? I have never been before so I won't know where things are in relation to each other/the hotel.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Claire :\?
  • WeddingfanWeddingfan Posts: 432
    Claire etc.

    My cousin Nicky has a florist and transport she recommends or speak to cyprus eve as above she recommends her to. All reasonable people who put the happy couple before profit.

    Go to cyprusbridalbeauty add the w's and the com and you can contact her from there.

    Glyn x.
  • EveCyprusEveCyprus Posts: 46
    Hi Girls

    Hope you got my emails. let me know if i can help you further

    Good Luck

  • ceegeeukceegeeuk Posts: 22
    Hi Eve

    I'd really appreciate some advice on florists & prices as well as restaurants near Yeroskipou TH to have a reception in. I hope this is OK. My email address is [email protected]

    Many thanx!
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