2013 Paphos Yacht wedding!

I am getting married on Sea star yacht on 19th june 2013.

Has anyone else got married or getting married here to.

I wanted to see some more pictures or feedback than just the ones on exclusive yacht weddings website, so i can get a better idea of the day.




  • Hi Manda

    Iam not too far from you (Liverpool) and also met with EYW at the recent wedding fair image

    I am getting married on the sea star too on the 15th June next year its all dead exciting now, have you made any other plans.

    We have booked to go on holiday to Paphos this year so I my wedding planner is going to meet me and take me to the yacht / restaurant

    Laura x x
  • Hi laura,

    Exciting isnt it, how wierd you marry 3 days before me at same location. So where abouts you from then, Im from st.Helens.

    Not really made any other plans as we have to wait for 2013 prices to become available in april/may so im told. I chose my dress yesterday and have paid a deposit for our suits at greenwoods, also got a great discount too at wedding fair. Also booked for my party at home for family and friends that cannot make it.

    Very jealous you are getting chance to view, you will have to keep in contact and let me know how it is.

    Have you decided where you are having your ceremony or Are you holding everything on the yacht? How are your plans going?

    Amanda x
  • Oh really you chose your dress which one have you gone for? I have tried a few on and I really love Benjamin Roberts so gonna go back and try them on next month hopefully.

    Ive just replied to you on another thread but will stay on this one now image Where is your party we need to book one here too pref in Lpool city centre. I am in Garston Liverpool :-0

    We are just having our ceremony / champagne and canapes cruise cant remember which package it is we are then going back to a restaurant for meze and dancers.

    I have made my own save the date baggage tags to send out next month we would ideally like to get an idea of whos coming towards the middle of this year so we know how much extra to save how many peple are going with you hun

    Laura x
  • Hi laura, seen this one after ive replied on other one, lol. We have just booked a local social club in st.helens, didnt want anything too expensive as cyprus is expensive enough, haha.

    i have been looking at the baggage tags too, might try making myself, see how i go! We have 25 guests so far, and many friends want to come too, we did ideally want to keep to close family as its 100 euros per person extra that adds on, so the numbers can start adding up and us going miles over budget. Ive already gone double over my budget on my dress, but what do you do when you fall in love with it, lol, shame they dont show you price tag when you try them on! image


    PS will stick to this thread too!
  • Yeah I think 50% deposit is very high, hope they dont want that for my dress Ill be bankrupt before ive even started saving ha ha.

    The shoe thing what is it they say I read something about rubber soled only can no one wear heels? Ill really have to look into that I think and let people know.

    I bought the tags from ebay and designed a label off vistaprint Ill try and send you a picture of one if I can.
  • Hi, we are getting married next July on Sea Star , in the process of booking direct with EYW. Can i ask anyone who has dealt with them what their opinion is, are they reputable and reliable. Everything appears so brilliant , so i just want to be doubley sure before we hand over the deposit. Any advice is much appreciated.

    Victoria xx
  • Hi all of you

    I am a July Paphos bride so not long for me, i have been in contact with the ladies and now also gents at EYW since 2009 when we were looking at venues in Paphos etc.

    They are a very highly regarded company with people who have used them, suppliers in Paphos also. And my dealings with them has been fantastic,

    I am not getting married on the yacht but i am having a black and white masquerade party on the Sea Star 2 days before my wedding as a get together and also celebrate my birthday.

    You will find they are quite quick in email replies and are more than happy to contact you instead of vice versa due to cost.

  • PS with regards to the shoes!

    Bride and groom are able to wear them for the ceremony if this is onboard but will have to be removed after, no heels etc are allowed on the deck due to damaging this, so its easier to have a no shoe policy on the deck.

    On meeting with them again in October as we orginally booked the Ocean Flyer now changed to the Sea Star, they said that the rubber sole flip flops are ok but would rather just say no shoes as easier to avoid checking over shoes etc

  • Hi Laura, sorry not been on here for a while, lack of internet! That would be great if you could try send a pic, im always using vista for business cards etc. I kept mithering about the shoe thing as i was worried about my dress being too long without my heels, brides and bridesmaids can wear heels for ceromony only but then you can wear soft sole wedges/flip flops on deck, however if you are having your canapies/champagne inside on carpeted areas you cant wait shoes at all. As for men god knows what he will wear as at least you cant see ours under our dress, it might be tricky finding pale sole smart shoes unless your going to go for more casual! As for guests they can only wear wedges and white/soft sole bottoms. Its understandable as they dont want floors to ruin!

    Victoria, i have found EYW to be brilliant so far, as MrsCorbett2be said they are very quick to answer any questions by email, ive sometimes sent many a day mithering and they still dont get sick of you, lol.

    MrsCorbett2be, Did they say groom can wear normal shoes then as Elana told me they had to be white soft sole which is worrying me with a smart suit, as i think they might be hard to find as i still want a pair of smart black shoes for him? Im not bothered after the ceromony what shoes he wears just as long as he looks okay for photos, ive been trying to look on pictures but you cant see people feet, lol.

  • Hi Amanda

    I was defo told that both bride and groom are the only two to wear shoes for the ceremony then they have to come off.

    I would prehaps ask Sharron as i know Elena is new to the business not saying she wont know, unless there policy has changed.

    If woman can wear heels for ceremony they cause more damage to the deck than mens shows, if you ask me!

    If i recall there is paperwork, brochure or their website that says about the shoes.

  • Hi Manda

    I didnt even know about the shoe thing oopps will have to let people know so wedges are ok then? I kinda want a relaxed feel to the wedding anyway not too much stress image

    I will take a picture tonight and upload it for you we have made a poem up too which we will send out

  • Hi all, we really like the look of the yacht weddings, for those of u that's booked congrats (im slightly jealous lol).

    Can I be cheeky and ask how much everyones budget is? want to see if we could stretch to having our wedding on a yacht. image

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